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  1. LOL love this community sometimes

  2. How long did earth warrior scroll take, and what was the strat?

  3. Few hours, I just set up a cannon and attacked with auto retaliate. I brought an AGS in case someone attacked me and one person did but I got them. They didn't see that coming. I pretended to be afk autoretaloating them and then speced them when their health was low.

  4. Thanks man! Really appreciate this

  5. You know it! The screenshots are more dramatic than what the screen looks like irl unfortunately... didn't know that originally

  6. Where did you end up killing skeletons? Wilderness?

  7. I killed them in Yanille dungeon by the Witchtower. Skeletons were the longest one. I tried in Wildy but the respawn is too long and it's not ask afk as Yanille.

  8. I got the champions cape today (:

  9. Ancients is already stronger than standard spell book. Harm orb was the way to close that gap. If it worked with ancients it would completely change the meta. The damage output would be absurd.

  10. I see, so ice blitz/barrage does more damage than tome of fire and fire surge?

  11. Fire surge hits harder but barrage is aoe and it freezes. The aoe portion is what is really strong. Harm staff in slayer would be massively increased rates (that im honestly not too against) but in pvp would wreck. Basically anywhere where ancients is best in slot it will be even more so

  12. I get it now, thanks! I think the harm staff is in a weird place right now with the new shield making the sang staff really strong. But I'm a noob and may not know what I'm talking about =/

  13. The thing is that it was made to substitute the previously T75 rapier/blade/mace. A lot of PvP builds limit their Attack to 75.

  14. Oof I forgot about that. Good point brother. I take my post back!

  15. Someone called me out on using "funner" once. Fuck that guy

  16. Gl! Such a powerful upgrade thankfully easy to get.

  17. working on getting the jad slayer helm atm. Master and grandmaster tasks are way out of my league but I think I can handle elites. Finding a 5 man team to do nightmare and getting to wave 35 in the inferno are my two biggest roadblocks

  18. I'm casually working towards the same! Gl brother

  19. Lol someone turn on the switch to start shitting out staffs at noon invocation levels? 6 in one day so far.

  20. That's what I was thinking LOL every other post is a staff

  21. How is it buffed? Didn't play for a year

  22. Took me 625 for all armour, and besides I'm just sharing my good luck. If you think I'm complaining about how life is unfair... Don't gotta take a game so seriously my friend.

  23. Idk why you got down voted to hell you sound like a normal person. Here's 1 upvote lol

  24. Yeah I don’t really get all the negativity…. I was excited and just wanted to share my good fortune. Very disheartened by the response

  25. Reddit is dumb, also Ironman are not known for being the most normal people let's just leave it at that. Grats on your tbow and hopefully you get your luck back up

  26. Можемо англійською спілкуватися:) Я колись давно прожив в DC/Virginia 4 роки, де і познайомився з цією грою))

  27. I'll add you when I go on probably today, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I am on eastern US time zone

  28. Guess I missed that one! Back to 3

  29. If you like CBT, you will definitely find Phosani's Nightmare to be more fun !

  30. I'll bring the C&B Phosanis will bring the T!

  31. Submission statement: This is what I'm talking about

  32. I like how your tldr is like 40% of the length of your original post.

  33. Can't tell if you're trolling

  34. Nah bro just do 200 more raids, ur goochie

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