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  1. No one else bothered by the switching from first names to surnames randomly?

  2. I used whatever their more commonly used singular name is. Nobody refers to Mahomes as "Patrick" or Geno as "Smith". I could have done their full names but it would've made the title look cluttered

  3. If you hover over each player, you can see their placement even without paying

  4. He couldn't even handle it last year after having basically a full year off beforehand. No way he can do it for a full year and not be worn down by playoffs

  5. So he's gonna become a high level role player now

  6. 2nd team NBA defensive talent at his best. I believe he would be a eaten alive by the speed and athleticism of todays “big” men. He would definitely be behind most plays on offense. Not too many NBA teams today would be willing to wait for him to get up court to run their offense through him. I don’t think he would be horrible but that wasn’t the question.

  7. That's because the first team selection was taken by Hakeem and Robinson basically every year of Ewings prime. They combined for 9 All Defense First Team selections in 10 years. That doesn't mean Ewing wasn't an elite defender. Hakeem and DRob are just 2 of the top 5 defenders ever

  8. This is a very strange situation that makes me think there's much more to this story.

  9. She literally says "when I get angry, I get physical". She threw glass at him because he was recording.

  10. Fucking knew there was no way they suspended him for an entire year for having a consensual relationship with a subordinate. The Cs knew about it for months and thought it was consensual, and never did anything about it. Things way worse than that are swept under the rug regularly in sports.

  11. I mean yeah he's a top 10 coach and the ultimate players coach. Stars will love a guy like him

  12. Yeah everyone knows its ok to beat women in college, it's like a free pass

  13. Title window probably closed today. Sucks considering this was our best roster since 2010

  14. Why not just take the 61 yarder if you're gonna basically throw away the final play

  15. The woman is 100% the wife of a high ranking member of the org. This seems overly harsh to the point where it feels personal.

  16. Whats wrong with some strippers? I didn't realize this sub was so puritan lmao

  17. Keep that same energy when we get eliminated in the first round

  18. This team is too talented to get bounced in the first round, with or without Ime

  19. I bet you said the same thing after the 2020 ECF run

  20. Last time these 2 had no Ime, they led us to a .500 season and a first round exit. Ya'll have the memory of a goldfish.

  21. Yall are doomering hard. Coach ime, no coach ime, new coach, no coach. The teams gonna be really good no matter what. We are stacked and just made the finals with young stars

  22. Yes, really good just like 2019 and 2021 and the first half of 2022. Can't wait.

  23. Fire him and promote the female staffer to head coach

  24. It's extremely unethical for someone to have sex with someone they are the boss off. It hurts the legitmacy of concent. It's business school 101

  25. Sure. Unethical enough to warrant a full season suspension? No.

  26. This isn't any other job. Wife beaters and literal rap*sts keep their jobs in the NBA.

  27. Its always astounding to me that the voice of the subordinate is often not taken into account in cases like this. People act like just because youre a subordinate in a workplace youre somebody who cant speak and act for yourself. Power dynamic talk is messy but the people who complain the most about power dynamics are the first to tell the people that are in the subordinate position to shut their mouth and tell them how theyre wrong and that their feelings are invalid.

  28. Reminds me of how the Wolves fired their GM and the woman he had a relationship with. Like at that point, what are you even doing? You're punishing the person you are supposedly "protecting" from power imbalances

  29. I'm interested to see what happens with Porzingis. He has a $30m player option. If he has a great season and stays healthy I could see him turning it down and teams offering him a bigger long term deal.

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