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  1. Bro what?? I really hope you're making this up because the possibility of it being a true story is way too creepy 😭😖🫣

  2. My dog Buddy passed a few years ago. Wonderful dog. Pomeranian cocker spaniel mix. He had this squeaky ball that he LOVED. A couple years after he died, dad and I were fixing some pipes (had to cut the ceiling open). I looked around… I find his old squeaky ball. How the fuck did it get in the ceiling.

  3. Foxk says:

    She was literally picking up pieces of his brain.

  4. No she wasn’t, she was trying to escape the driver. The driver shot JFK in the head. Look up the video, you’ll see him pull out a gun with his left hand, turn around and shoot JFK in the face.

  5. i know you’re joking but i hate you. have a terrible day

  6. Just YouTube it… only an idiot would think otherwise after watching it.

  7. From what I have found, we really DON’T know… all fossils of the helicoprion were never attached to a “jaw”, no shark bones were ever found in conjunction with the helicoprion. We just assume because it is a toothlike structure.

  8. That one dude was pretty gay man. Like no judgment, but that was like really gay

  9. It’s like when people say “I COULD care less”

  10. That one has always annoyed me since I was a kid. Like, ok so you do care some then. Why bother even saying that?

  11. Dude same. I’ve heard it in like 3 songs (one by “my chemical romance”) and it pisses me off every time I hear it. Like it shows me that someone has a lack of understanding of our own language. Same with double negatives, “I didn’t do nothing”

  12. Thanks guys, I’ll mess around with that :) would be pretty cool to be OP in all my skills at level 1

  13. Going to be tough with no upgrades to health stamina or magicka and no perks in crafting or combat. Wipes out any mage builds and caps your damage and armor at a fraction of what it could be even by mid game. If you ever manage to beat that frost troll I’d be very impressed

  14. I think you’re right. I’m playing on adept and everything was really difficult (got 19 level ups). I made a pretty fun build after leveling up. Focused on stealth (84), speech (45), pickpocket (like 60+ now), smithing (only 40’s yet) and one handed (still low, as I mostly try to avoid confrontations). I TRY to avoid fights, but when I can’t I just go for 15x backstab damage. I’m eventually gonna do the dark brotherhood stuff but I’m focusing on theft for now

  15. I may seem like I’m piling on but that is actually NV. Maybe another half mile til CA.

  16. It’s all a fucking cold blur up there 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  17. I’ve seen those pics man, freakin crazy. Dad is originally from truckee, but that was back in the 50’s. Way diff out there now :/

  18. Actually not fake as it can be rationally and logically explained to due to mathematics and knowing who and what materials effect existence on a quantum mind based level.

  19. It is incredibly fake. I understand your reasoning, but this has red flags all over it.

  20. But sushi smells good compared to a fish taco truck

  21. I'm sorry Sir, but it appears your pronouncement wasn't properly translated. Allow me.

  22. Ty for the clarification :) I’m not so… eloquent with my verbiage

  23. Can’t… because it doesn’t exist “in this plane” in a way that can prove it to be a real, scientific creature. That’s the thing about spirits, demons etc. can’t use science (well, can’t use modern science yet) to prove their existence. We’re limited to weighable, physical things in science, and on the broader end, “theory” such as the expanding universe (which is still not fully understood, no matter what anyone says)

  24. I was crook in the guts m8 in the arvo because I was smokin too many ciggies at the servo! I’m glad you find the stereotypes of Australia so amusing but this is a serious story for me, I thought I was going to die.

  25. A dude died for like 30 minutes and said he went to “hell”, where he saw what you described. I guess demons will appear as those sometimes

  26. Jokes on the mushrooms, because I consume EVERYTHING with alcohol 😂

  27. Mormon eh? Wonder when meth was allowed by Mormons

  28. As an NCR fan… it did happen, and they deserved it.

  29. You guys… it fucking worked. Bravo. Bravo to you all for making the dream a reality.

  30. Involving the sun? What are you guys thinking it could be?

  31. Help can’t remove his arm from where it was in me. He used me like a puppet.

  32. Why so defensive about a frog video? Did something happen to you?

  33. Don’t like to talk about it. But long story short, Kermit touched me when I was little.

  34. If I’m not paid for on call, if my cell isn’t paid for by the company… I’m free to do as I please in my off time

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