1. Not full blown tonic clonic seizures. Those usually don't happen to me. I get smaller jerking/twitching movements but those can happen every few weeks depending on how I live my lifestyle.

  2. This can be hard to do because the experience varies wildly. In general my epilepsy isn't what you'd expect, it's not like you see on TV. Epilepsy is a blanket term. That being said..

  3. Did you work on that animaniacs vhs that came out in the 90s? Me and my bro loved that as kids

  4. History repeats itself, try and you will succeed. Never doubt that you're the one and you can have your dreams. You're the best around, nothing's gonna ever keep you down!

  5. Love trying new foods from other cultures. Especially the desserts. Enjoy and report back on your fave!

  6. I know of a place where she can volunteer in Uganda. Tell her to go there then get back to you about privilege.

  7. 100% agreed, stop asking the internet how to behave and just be yourself.

  8. We live in a time where if you ask 10 people what constitutes racism you'll get 10 different answers. Their opinions are different from yours so your choices are to let it go and stay friends or go your own way.

  9. Off topic but is a really helpful website (there’s an app too) that helps you plan your bus routes between addresses :)

  10. Have you tried playing them these days. They are unplayable as FPSs have evolved so much

  11. To anyone reading this I disagree. It's very playable and I will crush you all in Facility.

  12. What does it feel like to be addicted to drugs? I'm just curious, I imagine it must be like wanting something but with the same urgency as needing to breathe.

  13. It's kind of like being on a road trip while stuck in traffic and you have to use the bathroom really really really bad.

  14. Considering you eat such high quality foods does that make it difficult for you to eat every day average quality foods? I imagine fast food for you is impossible.

  15. Show me your brand new car and I say good for you but in secret I could care less. Show me this TV and I instantly turn green with envy.

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