1. Where do you plan on going? Are you paying by the graft? 1500 probably won’t give you total coverage in my opinion. I am 9 months post op and flew from home (Florida) to Istanbul for mine. I can answer any questions you might have. Can send pictures too if they help.

  2. To a local doctor in NJ. He is certified by ABHRS. I'd really be upset if i still see scalp. I think I'd have to cross my fingers that I have a lot of 3 or 4 hairs per graft

  3. Hair fibers would work great for that area. Obviously that's a temporary solution though

  4. I use them but when I style my hair and push it back the front density builds up and makes the thinning area really stand out more. I can't really get "lift" or height with the fibers. They are more of a concealer. My hair is relatively long

  5. The NX looks like 4th gen RAV4 to me. I don't like the narrow tapered windows. Seems to hinder visibility

  6. My local dealer in Atlanta received its first allocation for a 2023 in atomic silver just 2 weeks ago. They wanted 10k over msrp. I said no.

  7. No way in hell I will pay that much more. The car is overpriced even at MSRP

  8. I'd go for a 350 with the blackout trims but can't seem to find one nearby. Does lexus take custom orders? It's like only what's avail on dealer lots it seems

  9. How does the RWD 350 handle in heavy rain wet roads? Do you have to be careful? What about light snow? I'm in central NJ and we don't get snow too often but there can be handful of times it gets pretty bad.

  10. Why not consider Iridium? It really makes that grill pop!

  11. Hi, I am interested in knowing what you did in the end since I did exactly the same with my s22 ultra. Did you keep your phone? Any problems so far? Thanks!

  12. Kept it. There are videos on YouTube taking apart phone showing it doesn't damage phone

  13. If you get the awd it’s literally a tank on wheels - the tranny is the same 6 speed used in the tundra and the v6 is the same used in the tacoma/Camry- basic maintenance this car will go forever, however just know with the f sport package you will go thru tires and breaks pretty fast and they ain’t cheap

  14. But what about the driver side hump next to right leg on the Awd. It's a design flaw

  15. Just one of those things you have to live with unfortunately 😪 if you go rwd the 8 speed isn’t a bad tranny either (it’s the only one you can get on the new is500) but the awd tranny is tried and true

  16. Yes but for a car that cost $50k+ I feel it's unacceptable

  17. 2023 gets a new infotainment system with wireless carplay and android auto.

  18. Really is a shame the IS doesn't get the upgrades.

  19. I'm so wrecked from buying nvidia at all time high and amd. I wonder how long it will take to get out of the red

  20. Seems like a nice car. Idk why car reviewers shit on the is500 saying the transmission is old and slow and the handling could be better

  21. Does the new 2023 IS 350 come stock with LEDs?

  22. I think the triple beams headlight option are LEDs. However the triple beams never seems to be avail on dealer lots installed from factory

  23. You will absolutely not regret the red interior, I have a 21 IS with red and thought the same thing as you about regretting it. A year and a half later I am still happy with it and I’ve had no issue with fading at all. I love it more and more everyday. I have cloudburst gray exterior.

  24. Nice I see your car in a post you made 1 year ago. Did you get the chrome window trim blacked out?

  25. Yes I had it wrapped in gloss black for about 250.00 dollars

  26. Nice! I think for the 2023 is 350 they finally blacked it out. I just think the chrome window trim throws the whole car off. Seems like Lexus finally listened

  27. Is Lexus worth buying brand new? I never drove a Lexus or owned one. Thinking of getting a 2023 IS 350

  28. What about how desirable the IS will be 5 years from now once EVs become more common on the road. Then how much will the IS have depreciated? Maybe no one will want an ICE engine by then

  29. Key parts: Molten Pearl is available as part of an Appearance Package on the IS500; Handling Package for IS350 F Sport; minimal price increases from 2022 MY

  30. Wasn't there already a handling package avail on the 2022? Of which could never even be found avail in dealer inventories

  31. Wow nice. Finding one of these is like finding needle in a haystack

  32. Lemon juice is extremely acidic. Did you only try this with one meal? GERD can be triggered by acidic foods, including lemons. I would be cautious doing this excessively. You may have a rebound type effect.

  33. I've tried it a couple times so far. No rebound yet. I've read that acid reflux might be due to not enough acid in stomach called hypochlorhydria. So taking medications to reduce stomach acid might make GERD worse!

  34. I just wanted to mention, drinking lemon juice regularly can damage your tooth enamel. Try to rinse your mouth with clean water after having acidic or sugary beverages.

  35. Try drinking lemon juice with warm water before a meal. Increase the amount of juice if needed. Let me know how it goes! It worked well for me

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