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  1. I’ve lived with roommates before and it was a mess. My roommate and I didn’t have good communication and we had way different ways of living and she broke the lease 3 months in. I stuck that lease out but it was still a hard lesson to learn. So a roommate isn’t something I’ve thought much about

  2. That's roomates for you. But that's not everything. You can also talk about sub letting aka you rent a place and then roommates rent from you. That way you can replace them if they decide to bugger off.

  3. Crafts make a great date and you get to have something at the end to remember the date by

  4. It's 50$ I think I'll buy it with the printer(the enclosure) also do you have fans do you reccomend or can I just print that?

  5. Idk about the enclosure but the silent motherboard is great and fairly cheap. Also get a big flat paving stone from the hardware store and put it on top of a flat peice of the high density foam they ship with. Then put the printer on top of that. It Should dampen the sound quite a bit.

  6. I thought that one definitely had a coral look to it, the cylinders don’t quite look the same compared to specimens that come up with a google search online though?

  7. Where did you find it? I noticed it because I have a similar sample from a devonian aged core I drilled last year. Idk if the type of coral is correct but it's very similar to what mine looks like.

  8. What they said. Move the corner up and you should be fine

  9. fairly certain the white is plagioclase, my best guess for the orange is hornblende but i’ve seen samples of it and that doesn’t seem completely right. I have no idea where to begin with the black part

  10. Raise the bed temp and apply some gluestick to the plate before printing. If that fails use a raft

  11. I tried glue once. How do you clean it after?

  12. The glue from a cheap glue stick can be washed off with warm water very easily

  13. Could say some bs like human rights violations or lack of rights in general but lets be honest basically nobody cared about that before. They messed with the alcohol supply at the world cup. Now people are pissed.

  14. The extruder stepper may not be tensioned correctly meaning the isn't enough force pushing the filament into extruder gear and as a result the gear is freely rotating without pushing the filament. Easy fix. Tighten the extrusion pin. If that is already tight then consider getting a bigger spring for the arm. This should give you more tension on the filament. If this is not the problem then the Gear may be loose or stripped and not getting a grip. If loose just tighten. If stripped, replace the gear. (An all metal extrusion gear set is a good upgrade that solved my issues with this)

  15. looks like amethyst with hematite inclusions, doesn't look like it's been altered

  16. I second this. Commonly found in Canadian amethyst mines

  17. I think your hot end is too close to the bed and dragging when it moves over it.

  18. Where did you find it? With no context other then your photo it's hard to say. Looks like potash minerals to me.

  19. I have a midterm tomorrow that's going to be rough and can't sleep due to stress

  20. You got this! And if you don't, that exam is only a reflection of your ability to remember things in that moment. You'll be fine!

  21. Thanks! Almost done my degree then I never have to think about it again but like God dame the last semester is trying

  22. I think this question depends on how much money you're making to begin with. If you're making a million a year an additional 50k isn't going to change your life that much. If you're making 50k a year an additional 50k can be life changing.

  23. Yea but I’m asking at what point do you morals become more important than any amount of money regardless if it would help you out or not

  24. Imo it depends on your situation and how involved the morally objectionable act is. It's easy to stay moral if you have everything you need but if you're desperate your probably willing to do a lot more. I don't think you can have ask that question without considering a person's current life situation

  25. Yes. If you start being so protective of your own life you make your world becomes a quarantined room/bunker and never interact with the outside world due to fear of possibly loosing your life I would say you care about your life too much

  26. Anything and everything apple can go fuck itself

  27. What you don't like anticonsumer mega corps making life more difficult for you and everyone else just because you didn't buy everything they had? Weird

  28. Could be ocean picture stone (blue chalcedony, silicate serpentine, agate, and limonite). If so someone has shapped it like a quartz crystal.

  29. League of legends or Dota. Couldn't tell which is worse.

  30. Looks like the serial rapist in every episode of law and order I've ever seen

  31. String of mending (I learned how to use a needle and thread to fix holes in clothing)

  32. Read a book called "bullshit jobs" by David Graeber. The whole book is about this type of situation

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