1. I think around 8 months ish - was around 2k holders at that point! :-) Planning to re-evaluate my holdings when I break even. If they deliver what they promise, I am certain that the wallet will solve some real world problems and we might find solid price-range. Lets see what the future brings!

  2. Has anyone heard news about the wallet? I kinda went under a rock for a few months so last I heard it was going to be soon, well...soon at the time.

  3. Highways will give you the best MPG if it's consistent. My car hits about 34 MPG at 70 on flat ground

  4. First thing I'd check is make sure your battery cables aren't loose. Then I'd get it tested and have AutoZone do an obd2 scan just in case. But it sounds to me like a loose connection somewhere if it's intermittent.

  5. I start a new job next week that will absolutely change my life! A new chapter dawns and life is looking up!

  6. I don't wanna brag, but I haven't looked at the price in at least 3 hours. Beat that!

  7. Can't answer your question as I'm a complete novice on Darts, but just wondering how have the mods impacted the driving experience? Do you actually notice any improvements? I'm thinking about doing a few small things to mine, but I don't know if the platform takes well to mods.

  8. Absolutely. I'm running a eurocompulsion air intake. Muffler delete, vibrant resonator, and modern performance headers. I do notice quite a difference in it. A tune will really bring out the power. Now, the problems I've run into is actually finding the mods. Being that I run a 2.4, there isn't much for the platform and you have to dig to find anything and it costs a pretty penny.

  9. I'm really hoping we can keep the growth we are currently having! In a couple months, I'll be able to sell just a little and be able to afford to start school!

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