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  1. Jimmy played bad on Sunday. Bomani Jones has never played or coached football. His understanding of the game is surface level at best.

  2. What does this have to do with the meme?

  3. What does this meme have to do with anything? Stick to trash ass memes.

  4. Shanahan looks like Viserys you moron

  5. I feel something similar. Kyle thinking Trey wasn’t ready. However, pressure from higher ups to start him so he said fine and ran him into the ground.

  6. He ran the plays he felt were most effective and gave us the best chance to win. Something can definitely be said about Kyle not trusting his qbs though. I don’t think he trusted Jimmy all that much since 2019.

  7. A good portion of the "Fighters are underpaid and Dana is a piece of shit" rage comes from people projecting their own life into it. They feel underpaid. They don't like their boss.

  8. Lol I just love when you project your own dumb thoughts in to peoples heads.

  9. Just like those celebrating the kid got hurt like it’s some good thing

  10. This is what I came to say. Lance has a canon like Allen.

  11. His arm isn’t even close to Allen. Stop it. I’m talking spin and velocity.

  12. We are killing the Seahawks and im just angry and at Kyle. He needs to go what a POS for constantly making those calls.

  13. Josh Allen has 432 Carries for 2381 yds and 32 Td rushing in his career. Shit happens, chill out

  14. Lol still with her. No insufferable twat like Hillary ever gonna get elected.

  15. Can’t blame Trey. Put in an awful position with little experience to rely on. Team didn’t do anything to help him. Coaching is an issue, someone up top needs to address it.

  16. LmAo excuses I knew would come quick. This team stacked and just Carries jimmy but with trey they all supposedly suck

  17. That’s all I heard these past few years. Jimmy just gets carried to victories and we only lose because he sucks. I’ve been said this roster is overrated. We’re top 10 but people pretend we are easily the best roster in the league

  18. Jimmy stans out here in full force. Chill guys. Penalties lost that game. Not Trey. Trey played great, but we didn’t set him up to succeed. I saw a lot of things that need minor adjust, and some that need major (penalties).

  19. Did you ever watch Jimmy play? He’s less accurate in perfect weather than Lance was today in rain.

  20. Lmao you have to be delusional to truly believe that but that no surprise with some of the takes around here

  21. Lol Jimmy is still around bc not a single other team wanted anything to do with him.

  22. That was with the assumption Jimmy still saw himself as a starter and would want to go try and be a starter. As it became clear that literally not a single team in the NFL considered him a quality starter, he finally relented and took a back up deal.

  23. By your logic, as it becomes clear Lance isn’t good or trusted by Kyle, the team brings back Jimmy just in case. If we’re just inferring bullshit with nothing to back it up.

  24. Students can buy a reduced price sunday ticket streaming service. I got my sisters school email and got Sunday ticket that way.

  25. All three judges and 19/20 media members scored it 2-1 Khamzat. The only way this fight is a robbery is if Gilbert somehow won.

  26. Lmao y’all think this is real? Jesus Christ some of y’all dumb asf.

  27. This thread is a bunch of dumb Americans standing on their soapboxes telling other people what to do and how to act.

  28. He’ll probably be top 5 but no way he ends up number 1. It’ll only be Donald or a QB.

  29. Lol mate, you’re an idiot. All you have to read is one charged statement and you’re ready to kill this guy? What about due process? Imagine if a dumbass like this controlled anything.

  30. Then they wouldn’t be able to feel better about their miserable lives. If true, this sucks cause Frank is my favorite player of all time but there were no signs of injury and no complaint filed. I’m gonna wait to condemn Frank for this.

  31. I didn’t say I was joking. I said I was taking the piss. Bit different.

  32. To make it clear for you, I was taking the piss out of left wing voters by rhetorically asking who this one belongs too as if it isn’t fucking obvious.

  33. Lol this guy thinks voting does something. What planet you living on?

  34. Browns probably gonna have to kick the tires on a QB next off season; I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Cleveland

  35. He is surrounded by more talent than 95% of the teams in this league. He also has a top 3 offensive coach in the league. Yet each week he struggles to hit open receivers on throws outside the numbers or down the field. Kittles injury history would be extremely different if not for hospital balls on routine throws every damn season.

  36. Lol all of Kittle’s injuries are because of Jimmy. But you don’t irrationally hate him? Gotcha.

  37. First, didn't say all of kittles injuries. It is a fact that Jimmy has injured kittle with hospital balls on routine throws.

  38. Lol Jimmy isn’t Watson and sorry but teams don’t give a shit about sexual assault allegations if you can play. We tried going after him last year before we traded for lance.

  39. JG has also played on at least two Super Bowl caliber teams in the last 4 seasons. I would expect most starting QBs to have a pretty great win rate on elite, top 4 teams.

  40. lol you sound like you don’t know shit about football. Lol breaking down avgs with a small sample size and act like you’re making a point. How many super bowl caliber teams dak been on lol?

  41. 6 playoff starts is more than the vast majority of QBs will ever have. It’s not a small sample size.

  42. So how did Eli win two Super Bowls? How did Flacco win? Goff, Jimmy, foles, old Peyton all made It to a super bowl. Football is a team game. There’s only so many elite qbs in the nfl. It’s about 7-9 max. The odds of finding another are slim to none. Jimmy is above avg and getting paid 12-17 million dollars a year less than the likes of Dak and Kyler. I agree with moving on from Jimmy because of the injury history but Trey is a huge gamble. Paying an above avg qb like he’s an elite qb is the worst thing a team can do. I think Dak and Kyler have a small chance of becoming elite but they are from from it.

  43. Lol sniffing pubes what are you 12? Sounds like you don’t know shit about football. We better be super bowl contenders this year or Lance is dog shit right? Because below average trash qb play got us to the nfc championship by your estimation. Right?

  44. We don’t have enough to trade for him anymore either way

  45. Idk people in here were so delusional. Without ayton, what possible trade works? Bridges and picks ain’t even close

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