1. How does he say Cybertruck is the same range? that comma doesn't seem to imply that.

  2. Weird, the official launch of Model Y in Australia was actually June 10th 2022. Price for all Teslas rose by around $3K dollaridoos a week later.

  3. I had to call customer service and they eventually directed me to an email for "ceva" who handled the pickup for me

  4. This was rough. I've never heard of these guys, but I guess their subscription numbers indicate they are somewhat popular... but the lack of knowledge/research before interviewing Elon musk made some questions jaw dropping, and some of the stuff they kept saying like they invented or branded "full send" was so cringe.

  5. yah for real. and the fact it was 3 hours. they didn't know a lot about elon's companies. guess it's more of an angle to cater to people that may not follow tesla/musk etc. and to learn more about him.

  6. Didn’t he mention by unit volume potentially end of year possibly?

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