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  1. How can you not be curious? How can you just never take a hand mirror and gaze into your own anus?

  2. They make some pretty obnoxious clothes for babies these days.

  3. I just wait until I get it home and mock it in front of my children. It tastes so much better steeped in their lamentations.

  4. Go full Jerry Maguire or full American Beauty. Never split the difference.

  5. Overcome your trauma and push through your disgust. I believe in you.

  6. stray, hungry, scared and pregnant. Your home is so safe to her, she gave birth there. Thats an honor. Hopefully you can continue to befriend her and now her pups.

  7. Beats being knighted in my book. I bet a stray dog never gave birth in Robert Mugabe's backyard.

  8. The members of that court were placed there because they are corporatists. They aren't reversing anything for any other reason than to distract the public from that agenda.

  9. omg that thread was insane. why on earth would he be hinting for nudes an hour before their date!? lmaooo

  10. Whereas someone in stage 3 or 4 of detachment from a narcissist would immediately see that "typo" as an intentional trap

  11. Yes, they are much lower than the US or Canada, but compared to other European countries (except Switzerland), is it also worse?

  12. Depending on how you define it, the UK's biggest tech company is Autotrader. So the salaries aren't the only thing that's low. I think it's the only one in the global top 200.

  13. Otherwise the title would be "Midterms save American Democracy".

  14. It's so hard to get a decent budget to make PS2 games these days.

  15. It's assumed you already did that. Otherwise how would you know it was a dead "prostitute" rather than just someone wearing your mother's work clothes?

  16. Oh no! Will the debt slave markets be bare? If criminalizing birth control doesn't work, I guess the 2060 elections will be dominated by the Forced Breeding debate.

  17. Clearly, I meant the old meme of putting bread around your pet's face.

  18. Hell yeah, Super Mario Bros movie deserved more credit than it got, I knew it!

  19. This trend will steadily progress as the future unfolds and generations learn more about the distant past.

  20. Yes, you can be functional. Is that the least you feel you deserve?

  21. Im sure this has already been posted here but I feel I should comment.

  22. This is exactly what I imagined it to be. Could you imagine being so dumb that you couldn't figure out how to run a dairy farm in an efficient way?

  23. Sssshhhs...not the time for words, just copious rectums. My cup overfloweth.

  24. I dont vote for either anymore since dems started openly kicking progressives down. I dont do hostage situations. And yes, I know it could let the fascists win. If thats how close we are to it then lets bring it on and get it over with. The centrists are not afraid to lose progressive votes, so by letting them be that way we are making ourselves powerless. I'm not up for that.

  25. I feel this way too, but I don't know I'm right. Things are definitely this way due to apathy, but the processes are designed to drain your energy and enthusiasm.

  26. I vote democrat cause they eventually deliver on 1 of my many requests. I don't vote republican cause they all of a sudden will remove something that I thought I wasn't gonna have to re-request.

  27. Trains are awesome in other countries. The US fucked up when they nationalized passenger rail. Private Freight gets absolute priority, so passenger rail just doesn't work.

  28. More investment into the public transport system.

  29. This sort of insight is so helpful to someone parenting a teen with ADHD. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Came here to say similar. It's a distraction that eats up the executive function I have trying to maintain focus on the thing I am doing.

  31. He's not paying her to go shopping. He's paying her to leave once the PS5 updates have completed.

  32. Can confirm, she goes to UTC and I've seen her getting into the car. Not a stalker, we just park in the same lot sometimes and I've taken her place before as she pulled her vehicle out. Never interacted though.

  33. Thank God you said not a stalker. Because if you are one, you can't say that -- this isn't the lawless internet of the '90s after all.

  34. I'm 20 so I'm afraid I haven't seen the film, would you recommend it?

  35. Only if you are really into the psychological thriller genre. Unless you're asking me if I recommend being 20, in which case yes, but try not to take yourself seriously.

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