1. Will we be doing this for every election now, or just GOP loss years?

  2. I would say every time there's bullshit going on. Y'all

  3. But Russia did collude with the Trump campaign so no it's not.

  4. Of course they did. Do you want to show us where the Bad Russians touched you? How many votes did they change to the bad orange man? Is he in the room with you now?

  5. He wants us to ignore the attempted coup and insurrection.

  6. Far-right conservative blog. Regardless, they didn't break the lines; they didn't get into the White House OR the Capitol. None had life-threatening injuries. Did they bring: zip-ties, pipe-bombs, gallows, and chant death-threats? Regardless of this whataboutism play you're making here, it's nowhere near the same scale nor the same consequence in attempting to kidnap our elected leaders and overthrow a Free and Fair election.

  7. Stop listening to MSNBC, CNN, The Atlanitc, Salon, Vice, HuffPo, WaPo, NYT, etc. They are subverting your minds.

  8. Your first comment ever from a 0 karma account is bird?

  9. You can't type "birb" until at least 100 karma, so...

  10. Yes. Well, there is SUPPOSED to be. Mine didn't have one and the screen was scratched. They sent me a new screen.

  11. The GOP is trying really hard to shake the donny off of them so they can win an election again. Won't you help by dropping the BS and accepting the loss?

  12. Who says I'm accepting or not accepting anything? Just posting about what's happening.

  13. Democrats won and Lost on the same ballots as Republicans won and lost.

  14. This POS crawls out from under a rock after 5 years.

  15. They're going to drag their feet until certification. Then lawsuits are all but meaningless.

  16. Because Communist China controls more than you think.

  17. Actually the after-work email where you copy-paste yesterday's email and make changes. Then as department head you also had to get all the reports of your dept and summarize/paraphrase them and send that as well. I stopped doing them completely for a few months. It was apparent the boss wasn't even looking at them since he would ask questions that he wouldn't have asked had he read them.

  18. If he was a TRUE engineer the cookie would have still been 1/16" too big and he would have to issue an ECO and modify it.

  19. One can be centrist and still recognize a threat.

  20. Dude, these aren't the sick burns that you think they are. The comment doesn't even match the quote. Are you doing ok bud?

  21. Congrats. This is the first semi-coherent comment you've made in this thread.

  22. Why are all of magats comments allowed? They are all low effort harassment.

  23. So people are calling me "evil" for "spreading misinformation" and accusing me of being a potential mass shooter, etc.

  24. Wow good thing there's a fire truck on scene.

  25. As someone who has hired, mentored, and interviewed MANY MEs, this would be a red flag for me. Now, if you were working somewhere not outside your field for a couple of years, or tried to launch a company, that's explainable. Otherwise just taking a couple of years off tells me that you're not serious about working.

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