1. Tactical gear should put anyone on a watch list. All guns should be harder to get then driving a car. There are simple solutions here but people insist on clutching tight to their 250 year old rules that were written with a fucking feather.

  2. Tesla drivers are becoming the new BMW/Porsche drivers they don’t signal and will cut you off any chance they get but that’s from my experience.

  3. Go LARP on your own time. If you want proper training, go take some training courses from well known companies. Anything else is just a bunch of idiots fucking around in the desert.

  4. If we don’t train we are keyboard warriors…when we start to train we are larpers?

  5. I also have in stock if anybody else is interested.

  6. Define “In Stock” like I can drive to your store and pick up today? Or “In Stock” at the “warehouse” should be here in 3-6 weeks “In stock”?

  7. Thank you! Drop-shipping is a pain especially when the store says “In Stock” and when I get there the shop says “In stock” at the warehouse…

  8. Because I haven't spoken to them yet. Is Rod & Gun Club any better

  9. I live in Phoenix too, it's always been bad, but the last few years are insane. Wages have gone up 5% the last 2 years and rent and mortgages have come up 50%

  10. And Phoenix has the highest inflation of 10% so a pay increase less than 10% is a pay decrease.

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