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  1. This is what scares me about this ideology. I think there are quite a few who follow it and just don’t give a fuck about what they do to others because life has no meaning. It’s true, but it’s still very fucked up.

  2. Just to be clear I don’t feel this way I am just exploring be philosophical pathways but a lot of people are taking it seriously.

  3. Ah ic well disregard the question I just asked in a different comment.

  4. What are your combat levels. Just wanna know if I’m close to trying this?

  5. Why would they be villains? Apart from u know killing that random dude

  6. They killed a random person to get what they want and will probably do worse to keep it.

  7. How do you find out the location of the 🏴‍☠️?

  8. Yeah all the time. Couldn’t find any solutions so I decided I need to stay single.

  9. Did they ever fix the artificer gear - my armour from the grasp of avarice dungeon still seems to be missing it’s extra slots

  10. Agree. They need to change things up soon. Idk how they expect Destiny to be a long time game if we’re going to keep having this formula.

  11. I really relate to the emotional neglect part. I have had this fetish for as long as I can remember and I can’t quite put a finger on specific triggers. My mother was very strict and tried to control every aspect of my life so I’m pretty sure thats where the macro fetish came from lol. I’ve never talked to anyone with similar feelings and neglect around it. If you want, you should DM me, I’m interested to hear more about your experience?

  12. The way the podcast is going you'll have to settle for Joe Rogan style BS medical advice

  13. You can get some Better Help on top of that! Lol

  14. Warlocks all I play and I just think 90+% of all warlock “fashion” is ugly. It’s a shame because throughout media, there is some pretty badass warlock/mage gear.

  15. Do you use wings? Also how do you not get popped I feel like every time I’m in air I just get shit on?

  16. These people have really good aim. Many people have okay to subpar to terrible aim and it makes it even more difficult doing it in the air. Main reason why I hate how they butchered half of solar warlock.

  17. Your Standard Spellbook is mostly used for teleports, alching, enchanting, and similar activities.

  18. Just change it whenever you need to use a spell on another spellbook lol. You can always quickly change which book your using with an occult altar in someone's poh.

  19. But idk when I’m supposed to use a normal fire spell vs the ice spell in the ancient book. I’m still kinda a noob and just reaching the mid game lol

  20. The sad part is that (theoretically and by proxy) 'the people'/everyone is in power in a democratic system. Not in practice, or course, but what I mean to say is that a lot of 'us not in power' also let it happen and seem to be okay with it. Because I think any form of implementation is going to ask society as a whole to carry the 'burden' for a little bit, giving up maybe a little bit of wealth to share with others. Unimaginable! Part of it is probably also the risk and precedences of abuse of such a system. I'm not really in a position to complain though, coming from not-US, although there is room for improvement here, too. My idealist-turned-cynic just surfaced I suppose.

  21. You’re right. There was a video a while ago by the Washington post (I believe?) that talked about liberal hipocrisy in places like California (I’m not liberal or conservative.) When there were opportunities to create more affordable low income housing, very many middle class and wealthy “liberal” areas voted against it to not bring their property value down. It’s easy to say you care about people and posture about it online…until you actually face it in reality

  22. Not a conservative, says the person named TrumpdUP. Sure thing.

  23. ….look through my comment and post history

  24. Does anyone use voice chat in any games anymore unless with friends?

  25. You can "use" one potion on another to decant the doses.

  26. Bob Barter is the man ! Good man he is.

  27. Sometimes it’s fun to boot up the game and just walk around the open lands and get immersed in the music and the night sky.

  28. It’s funny because in later seasons they act as if this episode never happened.

  29. Aren’t there a lot of things in the show that happen that are just one offs for an episode or even just a scene??

  30. People need an article to know this? I did like 2 micro transactions when they first came out. Then I was done with them.

  31. Not everyone is as intelligent as you.

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