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  1. The PST 1-4x is such a solid pick even a billion years later.

  2. Dang, I wish you could have come shot with me in person.

  3. When's your next meetup? I'll be going up that way this week.

  4. I haven't settled on a time yet. It would have been this saturday night but my youngest is sick. I'll have to see how they're feeling tomorrow before I decide.

  5. Does tikka have a good rep? I don’t want a company that has a bunch of really good guns shipped out then a bunch of real shit ones slip through. Is their QC legit?

  6. Tikka has excellent QC. One of the few companies that test fires every single gun for precision before it leaves the factory and the precision is documented internally in their database for reference.

  7. God damnit Trolly. Don't know how happy it makes me when I see someone say precision instead of using accuracy.

  8. I got a VEPR for $800 in 2015. They were still not too expensive even after a ban. You can get the SVD style stocks for them (not cheap, about $450) if you don't like the VEPR thumbhole furniture, and they are much better built rifles than the PSLs, and more caliber options.

  9. I put a mirror. Gotta check how you look after a rough day of LARPing.

  10. Obviously there are even cheaper options and even more expensive options, that's not what I'm reffering to. What I'm referring to is that by far the most popular LPVOs that arent cheap are optics like the vudu and razor. That's a fact. The vast majority of people who choose lpvos aren't putting on a $6000 S&B. Nor are they putting on a 130 dollar crossfire. I would confidently say that MOST normal people who want an LPVO are going the $500 approximate route or they're splurging a bit more and stepping up to a vudu or razor.

  11. It is an awesome optic for the $600 you can pick it up for on Eurooptic. I have it on one of my hunting rifles.

  12. There was a huge study in biotech a decade or so ago, where a big biotech tried to reproduce 50 academic studies before choosing which study to license (these were anti cancer drug studies). The big headline was that 60% of the studies could not be reproduced. After a few years passed, there came a silent update- after contacting the authors on the original studies, many of the results could actually be reproduced, it just required knowledge or know-how that wasn’t included in the paper text. But to figure this out, you have the do the hard work of actually following up on studies and doing your own complete meta studies. Just clicking on a link, replying with your opinion, and calling it a day, will just keep an idea going.

  13. Chargemaster Lite was a total gamechanger for me. Fast, precise, no fiddling, 3 tools in one space saving.

  14. Why those and not a GAP or other custom offering?

  15. I have plenty of rifles and pistols so it’s more of a wanting to be done. So What ever it takes to feel like I don’t have to buy it again, the no name was fine for testing got money worth but it’s harsh and keymod. I have a BCM charge and BCG so just an upper.

  16. High floor, lack of access, lack of space, no sliding doors.

  17. He didn't say anything about high ground clearance. Minivans don't have high ground clearance.

  18. Yes, call Northland Shooter Supply and talk to them about prefits. You can get outstanding performance for under $500. You may need a smith's help to remove the old barrel. Mine charged $50 and I resold the barrel.

  19. people chewed up by western education into "repeat what you learned in class" bots.

  20. Vs... eastern education which is literally just group rote memorization with a teacher yelling out something and the class repeating it over and over?

  21. Seems reasonable. Very few things in their results are unexpected. Tesla, Jeep, Dacia, Fiat at the bottoms all lines up.

  22. Why does that one edge look like it is turning into hairs/fibrous?

  23. ah shit okay ill keep an eye out for that whenever it comes in. i only really shop amazon since the ui of the website is nice and clean but i honestly dont have to many qualms with not shopping with them if i see too many red flags (other than fake optics lol)

  24. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't do any supply chain verification and allows for direct Chinese sales.

  25. It looks like someone took a picture and ran it through an 1990s era music video stretch/compression filter.

  26. Probably lighting tbh. I didn’t edit the picture any.

  27. It is the rim, fat steep body taper, shallow shoulder angle, and small diameter bullet combo.

  28. pardon my ignorance, aren’t all of the criterion barrels chrome-lined? isn’t that they’re whole claim to fame?

  29. Their Core line is, and a few of their others are, but by models, most are stainless steel, and then nitride following that.

  30. Yea, that is what I thought - then OP cleaned it so we

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