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  1. Ah, sweet! Man-made horrors beyond my comprehension.

  2. Funnily enough this is also what hitting trees with a crowbar is like in this game as well.

  3. huh. How did you get those crop plots stacked on top of each other?

  4. Oh, this place is rare? It's usually one of the first islands I find in games. The crashed ship with the captain hat and boom box, right?

  5. I’d love to see someone with the resources build a giant house AROUND the ship if possible. I don’t know if there are limits to how tall a structure can be or wide etc but that’d be heckin neat. Like a half Dyson sphere or something similar. 🍻 cheers fellow survivors!

  6. There doesn't seem to be. Ceilings even float freely in the air even if their support is destroyed. I used that to build stairs up the side of the ship. Sadly it doesn't even allow building anywhere the ship is located, even floating above it.

  7. I've got a save currently where I have scaffolding going up to the highest deck on the ship, crate rooms in the lower levels for storage, a brick house built up near the command tower (or whatever it's called), potatoes, yucca and pipi plantations, 5x water stills, a smoker, a fuel still and on one of the decks a brick station and furnace.

  8. Sadly I seems like only consoles can build on it, for whatever reason. Spent the better part of an hour running around trying to slap a fire down and it won't accept the placement.

  9. If they have a bunch of conveyors or drills for need to deliver to my plot then my truck starts scootlebug jumping and shaking as I drive. On top of being hard to gain traction due to the wheels leaving the ground the fps takes a nap.

  10. I had problems with the sorter and gems slipping through. I don't think it handles multiple types of resources being checked for very well. I managed to fix this by doing away with a gem sorter and just having them flow off the end onto a conveyor below that flowed into a gem compressor

  11. didn't divinity 2 have some fun dragon stuff, or am I misremembering

  12. Yeah. You could turn into a dragon for schmup levels of shooting and have dog fights with other dragons in the sky. You essentially had to destroy fortress anti air and defenses before you could go in on foot.

  13. I use it and I turn everything on. No one gets off of Mr. Bone's wild ride

  14. "I think you're a thief cause you've stolen my heart".

  15. Is this how you friggin' honor the sixth house an' the tribe unmourned, meat man?

  16. Been trying to log into my own account so I can reactivate a sim card and use my old number. Only ever use two alternating passwords for things and it keeps giving an "Invalid information" when trying to access my account. Have tried multiple times to reset password thinking that may have been the issue but it just takes me to the main website screen. Even talking to a agent via their online messaging simply resulted in "Call us to fix it". Like, man.. If I could call there wouldn't be any of this hassle. What in the world is going on?

  17. Once they find out that starfield is a card battler game? Most likely.

  18. It does not. I recently hand a fence, crate, fence barricade get destroyed by zombies at my base

  19. Was it normal zombies or a crawler smacking it? Crawlers will attack any surface they are hindered by.

  20. This must have been a very recent change that they made. Last time I tried it it was still operational.

  21. Never heard of that mod is it on nexus? Qarls the mod author I'm guessing. Sad to hear that what did him in?

  22. Yes, Mod is "The Underground". Qarl was the Author and it was liver disease, I think.

  23. Wait is that the same mod with final fantasy references and a blade that makes you a vampire. It looks familar.

  24. Maybe? There's an underground bar that plays Oingo Boingo that you go to alot in the begining.

  25. I've tried this but it never seems to actually broadcast a show until I set it down.

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