1. I’ll have to check out more of your stuff. That was pretty cool.

  2. I definitely would have kept recording at that point, though. She always threatened to steal his property, so the recording would have been evidence had that happened. I don’t know, and neither do you unless you were there, what started the whole thing, or why he was recording in the first place. He could have been recording the water for all we know, and she thought he was trying to record her and got her panties twisted. From what I saw of the way she acted, though, I wouldn’t have stopped recording until she left.

  3. I don’t really have a problem with anything you said, I was just pointing out that if it was me, with some random woman threatening to steal my stuff and beating me for doing nothing wrong or illegal, I would have kept recording.

  4. Unless you’re deathly allergic to cats, there’s literally nothing odd or terrifying about this…. Those 2 are adorable, and doing exactly what cats do.

  5. I love the pictures I’ve taken from this game. The world is just beautiful!

  6. That was what I thought too. I really do hope that works out better for you than mine did. I ended up losing mine due to my divorce, and then some other personal things, and I just couldn’t continue to afford it on my income alone.

  7. Pretty sure that’s an average response from Evil Clown

  8. People are dicks. When I was working in restaurants, we were never supposed to let any customer see that we had something to drink. One restaurant tried to actually ban us from having drinks while working at all, and only allowed us to have a drink while on our breaks. That ended pretty quick after most of us decided to just up and walk out rather than get dehydrated and sick just to appease customers who think we’re machines. Your health is worth it, and if anyone tries to stop you from drinking water while working, there is literally tons of medical evidence of what dehydration can, and will, do to your body.

  9. Honestly, it all starts from you. It all starts with YOU realizing that you can love yourself; trust yourself. You’ll never be able to have that for someone else until you can have it with yourself.

  10. Self confidence is something that will probably never happen it’s been fully destroyed I even broke the mirror in my room because of everything Ik u wanna help but I been broken so much a lot of things won’t work on me as the negative beats the positive

  11. The negative will beat the positive unless/until you fight it. It’s hard, trust me I know, but in order for things to get better, you have to work at it. Like I said: it all starts with you. You have to make the decision that you want your life to be better, and you have to work for it. Things may be bleak right now, but they don’t have to stay that way.

  12. I think whoever wrote this was on their 3rd or 4th bottle of rosé themselves…

  13. Kinda...ion kno.. maybe, jus maybe. Yeah definitely racist lol

  14. How, exactly? It’s a tiger…. Or a “T-I-double-guh-er”!

  15. So we are not gonna blame the person that did it we are gonna blame an object? That’s typical

  16. That is nowhere close to anything I said, so pull your head out of your ass. I said you can’t judge psychopathy on a picture, or tattoos. You may need to hone your reading and comprehension skills a little more, chief.

  17. I just figured it might help you to be able to actually read. No need to get so defensive….

  18. That looks nothing like lens flares that I’ve seen. Photoshop, maybe, but a flare? Buried in the forest? I doubt that. I could be wrong, and not discounting it entirely, just think there are other, more likely, causes.

  19. The carnivores are why we don’t have things like unicorns around…

  20. That was hilarious! Instant karma. That’s what you get for dancing on the battlefield! 😂

  21. To be fair there’s two idiots here because wtf was that lane change?

  22. It wouldn’t have been nearly that big of a deal without the idiot on the phone. I agree that the guy trying to change lanes didn’t use his signal, etc. but… that’s no excuse, at all, for this idiot kid. He’s damn lucky he’s still alive.

  23. Would it really have mattered if he used a signal? Streamer was texting away instead of watching the road.

  24. I doubt it would have made a difference in this case. I was just saying that he wasn’t blameless either. Both drivers are at fault, imo.

  25. Kick him out, let him clean up the messes HE made on his own. She doesn’t need that kind of negative shit in her life! We had to do that with my younger brother in the past. He changed his ways, realized his anger problems, and changed. It was still a hard thing for my mom to hear, and for even me to deal with as I’m holding my mom, who’s in tears, while telling my brother to get his shit and get out. We’re all good now, but sometimes the toughest road is the one you have to take.

  26. This man does missionary in the dark doesn’t he?

  27. Seriously I'm so sick of everything being politicized. Unless a politician directly incited this can we all just acknowledge that this POS's actions are his own responsibility rather than taking the opportunity to throw stones at groups we disagree with?

  28. That would be absolutely fine… the problem is that, for the most part, their political beliefs/parties have been showing them that it’s ok to act this way. We literally have people, who are supposed to be our leaders and elected officials of the country, who throw temper tantrums, and have literal online flame wars with each other like their in 2nd grade. They call people to violence, and then everyone acts so shocked when violence actually happens. Shit rolls downhill, but it still needs to start at the top.

  29. 1) Who are you to demand ANYONE do ANYTHING about their own clothing? Especially in a public space? If the amusement park had an issue, it would be up to them to address it, not you. That makes you sound like an entitled dick. #2) What, precisely, did you think you were going to do if this person had, as suggested, just ignored you? Try to make them change their clothing, thereby committing assault in front of your children? Awesome way to be teaching them values, no? “Somebody doesn’t do what you ask them to? Threaten, and beat them until they do! It’s that simple kiddos!!” Again, entitled dick behavior.

  30. My god this guy is gross he has dic pics on his reddit and complaints about a t-shirt gross

  31. And is apparently bi… and in a relationship with a “bi-ish girl”…. I think he’s just full of shit.

  32. Umm. Are you saying the person in the photo was not a real person??

  33. They’re saying that the transparent figure behind/to the right of the ACTUAL person is what was in both photos.

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