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  1. I'm really glad the arrowverse gave Brandon a second chance. I would love a HBO style, 8 or 10 episode, limited run series with his Kingdom Come Superman. He's an underrated Superman.

  2. I remember seeing Returns in the theater and the movie wasn’t good but having grown up watching Reeve, I thought Routh played it really well. Had the mannerisms down, looked the part, etc. the script was just bad.

  3. This is the classic version of the suit not the kingdom come one

  4. There are a tiny minority that do. Most of them want equality. They want to be able to do what they want to do. Be a CEO? Cool. Be a stay at home mom? Cool. Feminism recognizes that the extreme caricatures of gender that is prevalent in our culture (eg, women are baby makers, men shouldn’t have emotions besides anger, etc) are harmful to all genders, and that women are just as competent as men.

  5. Do you have evidence to support this claim? And by evidence I mean peer-reviewed studies or articles from reputable sites

  6. If you can’t tell them apart by holding them, you are an imbecile.

  7. Follow the money. It’s all about money. Employees means payroll taxes; means Medicare contributions, etx

  8. You didn’t ask if the customer wanted fajitas or sofritas 😡

  9. Guys, guys. It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand

  10. I fr was gonna throw hands with payroll if it wasn’t gonna be in my account by the morning lol

  11. Yeah I’m sure. Gonna drive out to CA and walk right in and demand they pay you a day early. Sure

  12. as long as i can easily hold the bowl and nothing is spilling we’d kinda just cater to you. we had multiple regulars who consistently come in to get 6-8 scoops of white rice on their bowls. they didn’t get much els, and it never was overflowing so we always let them

  13. People be all “look at me dumping salsa in a sink” then be all “we failed Ecosure. Corporate sucks”

  14. Wow, I apologize for how many of my fellow customers are going to be upset at this

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