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  1. Name me something the government runs well and I'll jump on board with this idea.

  2. Take this at face value and assume due to lack of incentive to do anything else. Whether run by government or private citizens monopolies are going to produce low quality. You still have the key difference, that regular people have some influence over what the government does and how they operate, we have exactly no influence over the CEO of a corporate monopoly. So even if you assume the government would be equally bad, at least we have the ability to get them to do better if we ever stop being terrible ourselves.

  3. That's me, when I think I think in images. I think It allows me to make wrong decisions faster. Also I can't be criticized by the little voice in my head if I don't have one.

  4. Do you ever hear music in your head, like the radio is playing? Just curious

  5. It’s a lose lose. If he testifies republicans will say he’s guilty, if he doesn’t they’ll call him corrupt.

  6. There are only five sexual orientations: straight, bi, gay, ace, and pan. Any more than that is just rubbish. All kids need to know is that if they don't like the opposite sex, yeah, that's a thing.

  7. I have no idea what you're talking about, you know what they taught in my school? That the slaves were better off before they were free. Got a problem with that as well?

  8. Uuh, yeah, I'm only in disagreement with the people who holds extreme views.

  9. Yea by your definition the only people who are woke are Russian trolls on Twitter who convinced you people like this exist in any meaningful way or are somehow any more a problem than racists in our school or some other such unsavory type. Congratulations you're focused on divisive nonsense while the people who push this crap pick your pockets clean.

  10. If cops would crucify you, you'd dislike them too

  11. But that's kinda why Jesus got such a good reputation though cause he didn't

  12. Only time I'll ever say this hopefully, but I thought McConnell's assessment was pretty spot on.

  13. A Donald Trump candidate taking those crooked Republicans to court. Hope it works out.

  14. Yeah that's the irony, all of this basically stems from expertise-driven "certification" and bureaucracy, if the government didn't step in and distort markets then it would probably be vastly cheaper, then people go ahead and blame it on markets always being greedy.

  15. Insulin would be way cheaper if the government let me sell tap water to people and call it insulin

  16. Nothing I like Thanksgiving, it's never been about pilgrims or whatever for me. It's just an excuse to have a nice meal with the family

  17. I feel like Qatar and Vegas should flip. Weather will be better for both and logistics would be so much easier.

  18. Vegas isn't bad in November, chilly at night but during the day it's very nice

  19. After 6 months it is abandoned and is yours. And you are now in possession of Child P.

  20. My wife just got a big ass bag of potatoes for I think she said $0.89. So now we learned how to make potato soup. Gotta work with what you got

  21. Money, in business being in the black means profitable. Being in the red is losing money. Hence Black Friday

  22. That voters will blame everyone for shitty leaders except the people who picked them

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