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  1. How is it selfish to not want something that doesn’t exist..

  2. Thud says:

    I have done the unthinkable. I’m using Sonos Ones as front rear speakers for my Beam. If you put them at the far corners, it sort of works. I should also mention that my TV is mounted high, above the fireplace. My living room setup shouldn’t exist, yet here it is.

  3. It doesn’t sort of work. Why do you not put them behind you where they are supposed to go? Troll or knuckle dragger?

  4. Are they supposed to be parallel to the rear seating or is behind them ok?

  5. To the side and slightly behind and above. They are surrounds, not rears.

  6. lmao! it kills me, and she tells me should have put the tv higher, but then I would be posting in tvtoohigh lol

  7. Curious as to why people think should rotate 90deg,

  8. Bass emanates from both sides. Much better sound if Sub is in front of you (where it should be) say left or right of the tv at 90 degree angle, instead of facing you. Have been dealing with Sonos subs for years in different rooms, get them to the front of the room relatively near the soundbar.

  9. Fake news. You can easily turn option off for ads for Sonos products (no spam) on your account. Sell your Sonos system, we don’t need to know.

  10. czi says:

    You don’t need to know, but potential buyers should be informed of the full screen ad they have to click past every time they start the app to listen to music.

  11. Every time??? You’re taking absolute horseshit! Do you work for bluesound?!

  12. Revolut is my main bank account for 3 years, wages paid directly in to it. Never any issues, love it. Got a new mortgage 3 months ago, nonissues..

  13. Something wrong here, tv output set up wrong, or something, I dunno. Arc is better in every way to the Playbar, rears shouldnt be too loud, it all integrates so well when set up the way it supposed to be.

  14. What did you use to hide the cables. I want a clean look like that but electrical code in Canada forbids to use power cords in wall.

  15. Fuck the code, just do it properly and safely and there will be absolutely no problem. Horses for courses though when it come to perceived risk I suppose!

  16. 1 is super quiet, barely perceptible and unusable on my Arc. Perfect little steps up to 10. I have no idea what you are all in about, unless the Arc is ok

  17. In the North here, I hate it when a Lidi add comes on and they call it "Lee-Dal" instead of "lid-al".. also for some reason I've heard people refer to fish here as "feesh". 😫

  18. But it is Leedal, that’s the correct pronunciation, even though a vast majority say “lidle”

  19. If I'm going left and taking first exit, I indicate left and stay in the left lane.

  20. This is not the way . If the second exit is beyond 12 o clock you should be in the right lane.

  21. Santa if you say “Christmas”, Santy if you say “the Christmas”.

  22. I’m not remotely religious. The video is far from conclusive, we missed a lot from the start, no context, but bleat along if you must, baaaaaah!

  23. The clubs statement infers an issue. But go on…cosplay lawyer for me, baby.

  24. First question here should be how large is the room? 3D dimensions?

  25. Roughly 3.5 meters x 3.5 meters x 3.5 meters

  26. Could you imagine anyone saying "no thanks". Gives me the chills just thinking of it.

  27. Chipper vinegar is essential though. Have a bottle at home if a top up is needed.

  28. I'm a man. This kind of disgusting 'banter lexicon' is nauseating, offensive and actually says more about the poster than anything else contained within their comment.

  29. Until I found love, marriage and kids in my mid twenties, twenty years ago, all I wanted to do was bang any female with a pulse, and I did plenty, and so were a lot of people, that’s life. And it works both ways too, I used, and was used, it was great.

  30. “Change my mind”! I hate these arrogant pointless narcissistic posts - why do you think people would want to change your mind?? All I see here is confirmation bias.

  31. ‘change my mind’ nah you’re alright couldn’t care less 😂

  32. With dry tissue..? Would you wipe shit off your face or arm with dry tissue…?

  33. Our fire alarms are going off twice weekly due to students vaping in the jacks.

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