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  1. It looks like they changed the design of the case. The GX's are great headphones, though. They've been my go-to headphones since I got them about a year ago. I'm even wearing them right now.

  2. That looks amazing, OP! This is only reminding me that I need more tattoos.

  3. I fucking hate govt man why can’t govt just fuck off and not do anything

  4. What's wrong with being sexy and stupid if it gets you results?

  5. It’s basically a tie with me, but glimglam just wins by a narrow margin.

  6. They look better on my wrist. Send them to me and I will photo…

  7. You seem charming and trustworthy. I’ll overnight my collection to you ASAP.

  8. I wear my YM every day, even to bed. I only take it off when I shower, or when I occasionally decide to wear my birth year DJ.

  9. Congrats! I’ve been thinking about picking up a birth year Pepsi.

  10. I was there as well. I got the two day pass as a graduation present to myself. All was going great… until the fire nation attacked.

  11. Disliking companies that ignore all source material makes you racist. /s

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