1. Did you do well in school, either with grades or tests? For example, missing only a question or two out of 50?

  2. Thanks for your response! To be fair, I ask these questions bc they are all yes in my life. Other than random selection, these are the only things I could think of think of that could be used as criteria for targeting. I'm sure there's more but of course I can only speak of my own experience.

  3. I can confirm to you one thing... This is only the beginning of v2k and such for the world. This problem became widespread in 2010, although capabilities had existed before then. Yes, they're going to begin with communities that are more vulnerable and can easily be discredited as guinea pigs to train their AI and see how much a small percentage of people can be manipulated into achieving their destructive goals discretely.

  4. It sounds like science fiction but unfortunately it's true. Surveillance in the modern era has surpassed even Orwell's worst nightmares.

  5. GABAergic receptors are targeted by these nanobots. Subvocalizations can be detected through ultrasound, and transmitted via ELF frequencies that piggy back onto larger frequencies and can be transmitted throughout the natural EM field around Earth.

  6. 24/7 harassment is not fun, even when you can compensate at times and make it feel that way.

  7. Incredibly true. After getting fed up last year I spent months screaming until I was hoarse everyday at them about legal rights, the constitution, fascism, morality, hypocrisy, it does nothing to them. Because of the nature of the setup, it literally does not matter how correct or intelligent or anything you are, their very next word will be the exact same lame stupid mindless repeated insult, they will then repeat that same insult literally 1,000,000 more times inside your head over the next months and years, and you can yell all you want, embarrass them, out argue them, they will never care at all. Nowadays they will go thru a couple minutes of parroting my insults towards them, and then it's right back to the rote stupidity. You cannot win the argument game because there is no goal, there is no victory, it's just constant harassment.

  8. They can go days , weeks, and even months at a time feigning to be someone I know they are not. Eventually gets to the point where I start critiquing everything I knew of a particular person they're trying to be, and it's annoying because I know better than to think this person or that person is actually doing this to me.

  9. They're intellectually disabled no matter who they speak to.

  10. I truly wish I've been offered euthanasia, for I am not capable of taking mine or other's lives and the life I lead is not worthy of being called a "life".

  11. OP, post your topic statistics. Please. If you have any sort of humanity and want to put light onto this. post your views, ratio, etc.

  12. Lead poisoning (science can't be denied), pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, and media of all shapes and form.

  13. constant inflammation of their body / brain

  14. Lets not forget radiation. Let continue to come to the conclusion non-ionizing radiation isn't making them stupid, they're going to be too fucking retarded to come to conclusions someday.

  15. No, Neville Flynn said it best.

  16. SS: I don't know how far to take SS statements here, but I feel as if many "fringe" free thinking communities let the stigma of their actual experiences or beliefs, deter them from exploring them. Prevent them from making a footprint that is needed for today's society.

  17. No defense lasts for long. You need to be on the offense, in a peaceful manner because you never want to succumb to their level.

  18. Not many care for Biblical references, but I enjoy this quote.

  19. This is your life... For now. But don't quit, educate yourself through text, and rise to combat this injustice to mankind. Be confident of who and what you are, and never quit.

  20. Scam. Chemical imbalances are due to sitting in front of screens all day, lack of sleep patterns, other drug use, diet, poor social standards, and exercise.

  21. A lot of things affect the brain. Your not wrong in the manner that handling perception works tremendously in what is manifested into reality.

  22. What's school really teach again? Every aspect of it is about conformity.

  23. This man gets looked at from the rap community as an Eminem clone, and I just don't see it. Their subject matters are completely different, and even though I respect both, Hopsin holds the brass balls. Touches onto issues Em wouldn't dare to.

  24. We need a landmark case that sets the example for all who wish to pursue such cruel and unusual treatment of another human being.

  25. If only you were lucky enough to be a TI. Blessed life the best life.

  26. Describes the madness alright for a media report. These circumstances are a nightmare...

  27. I see list of YT'ers that will possibly troll and exploit thus sub in the future.

  28. Psyop agents also refer to one another as "clowns".

  29. Pretty sure those shouldn't count. Trump was a Democrat at the time.

  30. There never was freedom or equality.

  31. The allusion of free will is very real and debt helps keep you in it.

  32. Not me. But yeah, most others. =P

  33. Don't give videos views, but look into Peru and the "nanomafia".

  34. "A new sense organ was discovered, and US. News & World Report,

  35. Gots to post a summary or anything like that for stuff like this guys. Not going to feed someone views that's going to promote shit that makes us look mentally ill or disturbed.

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