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  1. Same. Holding 16k shares. It is SO undervalued

  2. Is it? They don't have anything. Their drug failed and they were all-in on it.

  3. Our twice-impeached, "good folks on both sides" president with a Klan-loving dad won't denounce white supremacists? I. AM. SHOCKED.

  4. It’s sad to see people let go of shares easily. They make hundreds of dollars on shares that can make them thousands and they are happy about it. Big institutions get off the hook with a few hundred thousand dollars on their bad bets and make millions on others.

  5. Thats not sad at all. You're describing people who actually make money.

  6. All except ps2, and gamecube=>dreamcast>xbox. ?ps2 no opinion

  7. Ngl for 225k you can kick me in the shins hourly and I will thank you for the opportunity.

  8. I mean, getting kicked in the shins is fairly low on the list of inconveniences.

  9. Id work 3 16's a week for 225k along with the shin kicks. Hell, you can even make fun of me. I will cry into my wads of cash/zero debt/home i own/guaranteed financial health.

  10. Youre fine, theyre probably happy to have you gone in the least offensive way possible.

  11. I was a middle school CTE teacher, you couldn't pay me enough to go back.

  12. I listened to it and its sounded like normal guitar with a goofy splish splash. For a lot cheaper you could just record some audio in the bath then layer it. Needed to do something cool like put out a house fire with his water guitar while playing Thunderstruck

  13. Jehovah's Witnesses do not stand for the pledge either and their right to do so is protected.

  14. I dont stand because the pledge is stupid propaganda.

  15. Literally? No. But he literally asked for NATO to extend near Russia, over Ukraine, against what was agreed in the past. So I would say, no, he didn't literally asked for it, he just took a huge risk and is facing the consequences of making Russia and Putin angry. More or less like when other small countries piss off USA regarding american interests in minerals. USA is gonna provide some bombings or political interference. as they usually do.

  16. I wouldn't know, maybe cleaner than zelensky. But I don't guide my opinions on his newspapers or the NATO ones, so maybe you could tell me why so much love to zelensky outside ukraine.

  17. Hard to tell really mate. Your doctor will know your medical history and will be able to give you a far more accurate answer than us. Make sure you bring your employment history too, that's also very important

  18. I work a corporate office job and was hoping that means I can play blooze?

  19. Oh thank god I was worried they might try to help the country or something.

  20. Gimmick for now but I'm hopeful it'll be a viable alternative!

  21. It’s a one party consent state meaning you don’t have to notify the other person that you are recording them.

  22. Post the video here and the internet will take care of it. Still go to the super and school board though.

  23. Until the day schools across the country are given equal funding, equal education environments and supplies, we need affirmative action.

  24. Removing 2A would be tight, or enforcing the "well regulated militia" part

  25. What was it, "cope," or was it "fuck your feelings," I cant remember.


  27. See, but regardless of anyone caring, that hurt an oil company. All I'm seeing from these protests is, "did you see that dumb fuck that glued him/herself to the ground and begged to go potty?" Propose a solution thats actually viable, rather than "jUsT sToP!1!"

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