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  1. John McCain would be proud of the last month.

  2. John McCain is a shitbag human being he created the template of bigotry the right follows he created the trump model in his campaign against Obama by letting Sarah Palin say all this racist shit about Obama even would photoshop his skin to make Obama look more black. He was completly unqualified as a pilot crashing his plane at least 3 times before he got shot down. One accident was because he stalled another was because he hit power lines in Spain nocking out power to half the country. He used his dad's naval connections to stay a pilot and get deployed to Vietnam. He was part of covering up the Savings and Loans scandal for his donors. He used tax payer money to cheat on his first wife flying jets from DC to arazona because he was no longer attracted to her after she underwent 23 surgeries due to a car crash while he was in vietnam. He ratted on his whole squad while being torture but lied and said he didnt. He suggested an indiscriminate bombing of Iran as a joke. And would also joke about black people being gorillas trying to rape white women. Supported the embargo of said country which has lead to countless unessasary deaths. Lied with many others about Iraq. John McCain should be exumed and thrown in the trash he can suck my dick from the back.

  3. What's going on brother why is your brain making these chemicals

  4. I'm not the one who preaches Christian values while being legally married to 2 women at the same time and then kinda bailing on 3 of their children. Fun fact Cindy his second wife's father had the budweiser distribution contract for Arizona and that's where he got most of his wealth. It's why his daughter Megan McCain is constantly advocating for the repeal of the inheritance tax.

  5. Honestly how did he have a full 20 year career with nothing close to this to suddenly being on the level of right wing nazis

  6. Apparently he got radicalized awhile back in Uganda. Also white and black supremacists share 2 things in common segregation of the races (that would be nick fuentes who despite being latino thinks we should return to segregated water fountains) and hatred of the Jews (that would be all of them). Black skinhead is a quite prophetic title for a song.

  7. It's great to see offical confirmation but yea no shit the guy is a fraud. Bet he sneaks wataburger in his car and cries.

  8. I do the same but not because I’m a fraud. I’m not even sad.

  9. Great breakfast, onion rings are on point especially with their honey mustard sauce. Burgers are great maybe in and out is better but it's their sauce that is doing the heavy lifting. Only place with better fries is McDs. Best drive through place near me.

  10. Imagine not being able to get laid when Kanye’s your wingman.

  11. Nick said it's more straight to not have sex with women than it is to have sex with them. Me thinks he is a deeply troubled person who may be in the closet. It would be hilarious if it got Leake nick and milo were banging.

  12. SNOWFLAKE and his bitch boys who ride his coat tales fled like brave sir robin. if he can't even stand up to questioning of Tim Poole how the fuck does he think he will be able to run for president if he can't deal with a tim Poole interview.

  13. I certainly do like it. Have you ever lis

  14. If by lis you mean listened. Yea I had tickets to see them live but it was when covid first hit and it was cancled. If you like it I'd recommend the episode The Rube or the 1908 New York to Paris Car Race to start with. The live episodes especially ones with guests are great cause the audience reaction.

  15. Oh sorry, I cutoff my comment. Have you ever listened to The Last Podcast On the Left before?? Probably one of my favorites for true crime/extraterrestrial/paranormal content. It’s very entertaining.

  16. I know of them by reputation I think the dollop guys get along with them I'll check it out.

  17. I love Palestine simps, they always have the best arguments

  18. My criticism of Israel and its not like I don't have criticism of Palestine has nothing to do with the bloods in their veins or their genetics but the actions of their governments. Israeli simps love to look the other way when genocide happens.

  19. Hmmm yes, very great argumentation here

  20. Damn you would think russians know how to fight. But I guess being a bitch boy soccer player trumps ethnic stereotypes.

  21. Vladdadon the despoiler, war-master of chaos undevided?

  22. Well when he slams a Blackstone fortress into Ukraine the ukranian army still won't break.

  23. German military high command wrote reports that pervatin was ineffective for combat due to the recovery time needed for the come down this is fake bullshit. I fucking hate this myth. It's more to due with the fact the germans developed a completly new military strategy off massed armored spearheads. While the french spread their tanks out equally. The Belgians not completing their part of the magino line. Poor communication by the French. Not fucking ubermench super soilders.

  24. What the show hosted by the guy Joe Rogan thinks is a genius isn't that good for history. Insert shocked Pikachu face.

  25. Who’s Donbas? The Armenian’s? Sorry just a little confused

  26. Donbas is an illegally occupied territory in Ukraine russia holds I just used the name cause it's relevant to putin and sounded good.

  27. I was hyped for the first one but it gave me headaches cause of the 3D I haven't even thought if I should go see it yet alone make a decision. I hope it works and is a good movie. But I'm not feeling it.

  28. First goal: goaltender had a full range of motion and got beat clean

  29. Who is the groomer now Republicans? It's you guys for projecting you liking them young on to democrats.

  30. What for? Without oil or gas the place has literally nothing of value to offer.

  31. It has access to the sea which means ports for trade and navys and also it would sure up territorial homogeny for Saudi in the region. If Qatar didn't have the capital or influence it has now Saudi still might want it to deny Iran from having a safe place to disembark troops. America literally bought Alaska from Russia not just for its resources but as a buffer zone. Texas was colonized by the Spanish not because it was special but as a buffering from France and britan then eventually america. Texas was there to slow down an attack on Mexico which is where most of the wealth was.

  32. You can’t recast Steve Rogers. You can’t recast Tony Stark. Those roles belong to Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., respectively. If Captain America was the star, anyone could be him. Same with Iron Man. It’s not the case. Those characters were not the draw before those actors took the role and both movies and characters took off based on the writing and acting.

  33. Hi it's Bond. James Bond and I'd like a word please. Which version of me would you prefer speaking to?

  34. This is probably one of the worst rebuttals to the point because it's one of the earliest examples of what he's talking about. Playing Bond didn't guarantee stardom at all. Sean Connery was probably the only Bond to truly catapult into legit stardom from that role.

  35. Pierce Brosnan became a house hold name with bond. Same with Daniel Craig. And if you could get past security to get into their houses they might disagree with you. Lazenby went from a nobody australian model who conned his way in to the roll to famous and then fucked it up by becoming a hippie. I csnt speak for Moore or Dalton because they were before my time. In the podcast Tarentino talks about how studios want 1 or 2 names with star power that move tickets. My intuition tells me Brosnan and Craig could due that during their tenure.

  36. The fact he referenced elon and Jordan as being smart has not aged well.

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