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  1. Thanks for ur opinion that doesn’t matter bc I don’t give a fuck what u think I dress like, I dress the way I want.

  2. Go for a agent never use middle men they lie about there batches and send u crappy shoes

  3. How much was your total with insurance and shipping

  4. mine just got seized by ups, prob gonna go with fedex in the future. so glad for insurance lmao

  5. Anyone know how much this will be?

  6. I saw a post that says you can only get them from a diff website or through a whatsapp order. Do you know if this is true of if you can add them an agent order.

  7. Look on this reddit u will find there website, or wedian page use a agent for the wedian page

  8. Kinstor has it but the price is 1999 yuan lolz

  9. I copped them from goat. Used fusions for flat 100 came out to 120 after tax and shipping.

  10. What’s the shoe called ? What color way Can’t seem to find it with the leather like that

  11. How there called skater dunks for a reason, there reps he probably paid like 60 bucks for them

  12. They track how fast you run incase people notice they're reps and you need to make them look authentic

  13. I payed 35$ for these and haven’t got called out for them yet, wearing them for over a year now

  14. I think it’s supposed to be inside the hanging size tags

  15. It was underneath the sole and I took it out bc I didn’t know what it was

  16. 0 bucks I just personally think he has the best shoes the swoosh is off up to u if u wanna buy not my shoe 😭😭

  17. Mucks has ljr4.0 btw h can see the swish is not straigjt I would go with ur gut

  18. Ehh mucks I think personally has better shoes with his updated ljr batches but yea I mean no one going to know

  19. Personally go for Mucks or coco for aj1 mucks I heard don’t have good aj1,

  20. Issues with union la is Al the reps I have seen the leather just looks a little off other than that GL these pro I’m jealous I want these

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