1. That will solve the lack of staff issue - high 5 Tories!

  2. Not enough details to understand exactly what happened here my man...

  3. Sérieusement ? Déjà quand je suis rentré en France, ça m'a choqué d'entendre plusieurs fois des gus de 35 ou 40 ans se présenter en mentionnant leur école. J'avais jamais entendu ça à l'étranger.

  4. Her school should have an office helping foreign students with those issues. Is that not the case?

  5. I will ask her, I think the school is aware of this because there are more students in this situation but they cannot do much. Thank you!

  6. This is France, think like a French dude: make a fuss. They cannot just let her down like this. you can also get her to speak with the syndicats étudiants / associations etc who will love to help and get her point across

  7. There are safe routes: take the train or an aeroplane

  8. Don’t forget the next labour government! I can’t believe they would do this

  9. That's definitely a miss on my side and absolutely a thing.

  10. That's a familiar sight at City Airport in London right?

  11. Every single pennies should be clawed back on every single VIP lane contract.

  12. If he speaks it will be on screen from an undisclosed location.

  13. Café Clopes Biscottes au lit avec jouet spacial et revue de télescopes.

  14. So they'll be able to cut some more staff and the queues will be the same.

  15. Pas grand chose dans Google image, mais c'est pas loin de ce que j'avais en mémoire. Merci.

  16. C'est lui aucun doute. il était "en direct du Palais Brogniart" ou se trouvait la bourse de Paris pendant le "13h" de TF1 était présenté par Yves Morousi.

  17. Insulter la copine est un piège classique des raclures qui te tombe dessus á plusieurs 2mn plus tard.

  18. Bring back freedom of movement, rejoin CU and SM, pay into EU's pocket for access and keep waving your flag if you want to.

  19. "Ministers are braced for a large rise in net migration when the latest numbers are published as international experts warned Britain’s economy was dependent on easing worker shortages."

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