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  • By - exjr_


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  1. My cat on couch arm next to me jumped and started looking at me and my phone like "wtf"

  2. I just did a test and GW5 Pro lasted over 72 hours with AOD (always on display) all sensors on (hr, Spo2 etc) and I get good amount of notifications. Definitely pleased with this.

  3. I only did it as a test. I really don't need AOD but I was asked about it. Lift to wake is great for me

  4. Attacked by a succubus. No jk or am I? Seriously that normally means you probably woke up and went to the bathroom, or some type of break in your sleep.

  5. I think it’s boosted.. I got 2 shiny from the research.. or maybe Im just lucky… oh well, on to the next…

  6. Most are limited due to chip shortage,plus a lot of time they make it limited to gauge the demand. Why make 5000 machines when only 200 people want it

  7. Preordered my purple pro max at 8:05 last Friday as soon as it went live, I had already had it saved in my cart so all I had to do is wait for it to go live which apparently took a few minutes. Anyway I got my order in but my order has not shipped and still processing. I have checked UPS (I have account with them) and they don't have it in their cue either. I'm starting to wonder if I will get my phone by launch day as scheduled.

  8. Ok I have T-Rex 2 and had Galaxy watch 4 and upgraded to galaxy watch 5 pro. I like T-Rex 2 battery life, I get 3 weeks easily on a single charge. Most sensors are fairly accurate for basic things. My watch 4 needed to be charged basically everyday at most I got a day and 1 half. Sensors were basically on par with T-Rex 2. So I would normally use T-Rex 2 more than watch 4. Now with my gw5 pro, it lasts about 4 days so I have gravitated to watch 5 pro. The big difference is both samsung watches have microphones so you can use Google assistant as well as Alexa while T-Rex 2 doesn't have microphone so no google or Alexa. If you want that then you have to go with the amazfit gtr 3 pro or the new gtr 4

  9. No watch is a medical grade instrument. It is a rough estimate at most. Sleep apnea needs several sensors to track accurately which a watch can not replicate. Also like you said the breathing app is in beta. My amazfit will tell me my breathing quality is fine while my galaxy watch 5 pro has me snoring for over an hour.

  10. Yeah we should really get charger in the box. USA should regulate Chargers in box as well. So I bought charger from Amazon won't give Samsung extra money for something that should be in the box.

  11. I've gotten 4 days with mine AOD off but all sensors and notifications on. So twice a week charger as opposed to charging everyday I'll take it! Ticwatch pro 3 ultra 1 1/2 - 2 days tops. Plus I've gotten my Google assistant working perfectly "hey google" and my screen wakes up 😁

  12. I got the T-Rex 2 for the battery life. I also own gtr 3 pro limited. The battery life on the T-Rex 2 goes 3 weeks easily where the 3 pro limited gives 10 - 12 days. I'm not the rugged type but I do really like T-Rex 2

  13. Good to know!! Do they differ much when doing sports (gps, HR, etc)?

  14. No not too much. The sensors seem to be the same. However T-Rex 2 doesn't have microphone which GTR 3 pro and limited have, I had gotten used to using Amazon Alexa thru the watch so can't do that with T-Rex 2 but other than that they're pretty much equal

  15. The OnePlus 7T Pro was listed on T-Mobiles site as "in development". It has since been removed from the list of phones with the 8 and 8t+ now in testing. I'm not sure if it was dropped from the Android 12 update.

  16. Well I guess that's the last OnePlus I buy and no more buying phone from tmob.

  17. I moved on to the fold too! I'm still deciding if I'm going to keep it and return the S22u but I think I will be giving this fold a chance. Battery life has been amazingly better than my S22u. I'll try the pen later, I haven't even unboxed it yet lol

  18. I actually picked up a case on eBay that comes with a soft tipped stylus built-in it's pretty nice. Stylus works nice. I have to clear data from my S22 Ultra so I can send it in. S22 was real buggy and battery life had really been terrible for me.

  19. I was actually on the porch telling my wife I had packages coming and they needed a signature. I walked in the house and my wife said the FedEx truck just pulled up. The driver brought my 3 packages, asked my name and handed me my packages. I asked "don't I have to sign?". "Nope just needed your name". The following day my buds pro 2 were just left on my porch. I really don't mind this because I live in a pretty secure community. However they did leave 2 65 inch tv's leaning at my garage door one day which means they never even attempted to see if I was home. They pulled up dropped them off and kept going. They were actually supposed to deliver them the following day according to tracking. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up and saw the tv's just sitting there. Yes I do have it on camera that's the only way I know what they did.

  20. mk44 says:

    I had this happen in Laos once. My wife and I went into the local massage place for a couples massage. They had us lie down on two beds next to each other. Massage goes as normal, then about half way through she has me roll over. She places her hand right on my junk and goes "You want happy ending?" I look over at my wife like wtf? She shoots me daggers. I meekly say "umm no thank you" and she awkwardly finished the massage.

  21. Leaves shop "oh honey I left my wallet I have to go get it" goes back in and books appointment for next week without wife.......

  22. Mine has stopped charging thru pixel stand gen 2 as well

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