1. Use a volt meter and test the speaker leads

  2. Ok, for some reason I didn’t test if power is going to the speakers that could tell me if the amp is working right?

  3. It will tell you if the amps is passing the signal to the speakers

  4. I wrote my opinion on reddit a few days ago...

  5. So Twitter is for adult bullies and Reddit is for bullied kids

  6. Most of the time they behave the same way but every now and then I also find them doing some weird dances.

  7. I'll notice what I guess are the males bump into each other trying to win the fight for dominance

  8. As the title suggests, my tank has been doing great for months and for some reason Ike 2-3 weeks ago I noticed certain spots in the rocks getting green algae all over them. Since then it keeps happening and the insides glass walls get a lot of green algae on them within like 1-2 days.

  9. If the tank is getting sunlight now, and it wasn't before that's most likely the cause. Add the sunlight to the time you have your tank lights on

  10. So far my bettas get along with anything except another betta. They live with gourami, tetras, barbs, catfish, Dwarf cichlids, danio, rasbora.


  12. Aquarium co op youtube video has good info. A great channel with lots of info on everything

  13. I too, only understand the first 2 words of what jp said

  14. If you have fish in the water and the test kit detects ammonia or nitrite you may need to do a 50% water change and stop feeding the fish until you get a couple days with zero ammonia or nitrite.

  15. You can buy a replacement terminal end just like that one

  16. I have a 90 gallon that I initially stocked with 3 pearl gourami. They were very timid and would spend most of their time hiding. If I was very still they would come out. When I got up or moved they would go back into hiding. It was like that for a few weeks. Then I added 9 rosy barb. 3 males & 6 females. The females are really pretty and the males get bright orange- red. They can grow to 6 inches so they get big.

  17. Not directional. Just inside/ outside

  18. This website helped me a bunch when I was first starting

  19. Ph changes doesn't affect the fish as much as the internet would make you think. Ph in planted tanks changes dramatically every day. Ph in natural lakes changes dramatically. It is nothing to worry about and your don't need to try to add chemicals or baking soda to help your fish.

  20. Those are some big goldfish! You have been taking very good care of them to get them that big!

  21. The only product you need is dechlorinator. Easy plants that have worked for me are jungle val and Amazon sword. I hang silk plants around the top to give some hiding places around the top of the tank. If you have a 10 gal then you probably have a hang on back filter. Get a small 10-20 watt heater to help keep the water around 75F. Get a air pump and air stone to help with aeration. I swapped out my hang on back filter and used poret foam that I got from Swiss tropicals. I used a 1" piece of 20ppi and a piece of 30ppi. Don't keep the lights on for more than 4-6 hours or algae will start to grow. Don't replace the filter or clean the filter. One betta you can start right away without cycling. Just know that as the filter gets dirty, that's not dirt. That's the bacteria that's keeping your water clean for your fish. Don't clean it until the water stops coming out of it. And then just clean it very lightly. You don't want to lose all that stuff that looks like dirt. It takes a long time to grow and it's what keeps your water clean.

  22. This is why minimum rotor thickness exists

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