1. I can deal with the manipulation/abuse and work on it if possible, but if/when she cheats, it’s over like it never even started.

  2. “I’ve fucked x amount of girls in my life, beat that son…”

  3. I think it’s for pouring shots/liquor. Old stuff, not sure where I’ve seen it before but I think that’s what it is at least

  4. My dad used to be pretty bad when I was a kid from the ages of 6-13. When my brother passed away in a car accident he kinda backed off and chose to just verbally fuck with me, but I can’t lie, I still see him as a abusive piece of fucking shit. But at the same time, I pity him, because his parents raised him this same exact way but even worse. The thing I hate about him is that he can acknowledge his stupidities, but he won’t and can’t change.

  5. So my house used to be basically a traphouse. And we’d have shitloads of people in my backyard all the time just hanging out and smoking weed and stuff.

  6. Nah it’s this homemade stuff from this local restaurant. It’s some good stuff trust me

  7. It might as well be with how good it is. Hell if I came that stuff…. well… I’d probably do some pretty shameful shit for some iced tea

  8. Not a druggie, but alchohol is easily as/more addictive than heroin. With the availability and public acceptance of it too it’s even more of a danger. Hell at least when people do coke or smoke weed they’re just sitting and chilling inside or outdoors. Haters gonna be haters.

  9. I found it easier to quit one before the other. No need to take the rug out beneath your feet AND the floor too.

  10. All the amazing people going through life under horrible conditions and staying good people.

  11. Originally so we could look up towards the heavens in death. (which we are said to go to.. ig)

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