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  1. This OP is flat out lying. You can sell your RBIF I mean shiz just look at the market lately it’s been 70/30 sell side. Stop lying OP it wasn’t a good look on the Robo board and it’s not here.

  2. BTC is down 56%, ETH 56%, SHIB is down 90% from ATH, Cardano is down 80% on the year, SOL 75, DOGE 69, DOT 68, ALGO 78, LRC 91% from ATH…. So what does it all mean, nothing RBIF is down about 88% from ATH or in other words is doing about the same as many of the top tokens. So as a holder, I’m content to let the markets play out while we develop our product and move toward our long term potential. I shrug off those who FUD and just complain about the devs. Throw a dart and you’ll hit a crypto that is down by significant margins. Every project is in choppy seas right now, blame the boat if you will but maybe you shouldn’t have set sail if you can’t handle the waves.

  3. I’m not necessarily opposed to another exchange mainly for the exposure and like you said a competing entity to BM, however the tokenomics were built upon reflections which was supposed to give us an everlasting burn effect and marketing funds until we decided to fork and do a major such as CB or Kucoin or even LBank. Then there’s also the cost to do so, do we have what it takes? I would think it’s doubtful given price action and marketing wallets not really receiving the % that I bet they thought it would at the start of this thing. I definitely don’t have the statistics to back anything up or even make a somewhat informed position or statement on it, but my gut tells me the BM is now a regrettable decision and doubt and uncertainty is being felt in the current state of the tokenomics. That could all change rapidly with some hype and marketing and big time with a deliverable product, but my rambling two cents anyway for what it’s worth.

  4. Thank you for the coherent and helpful response. Just looking for opinions and this is a good one.

  5. I have made three purchases since January, next week making final purchase to bring me to five trillion

  6. Awesome, I’ve bought 46 times since January and will keep buying especially at these levels! Keep it up Warrior!

  7. Wallet was never part of Phase One nor were exchanges for that matter or the special 1% burn that already took place. The devs have never stopped working behind the scenes and in fact have began or turned things out ahead of plans, despite there not being the holders or financial resources to do it. You can’t see that for what it is because your wallet is down. Everything in crypto is down, shit everything in equity markets are down too. Nobody owes you anything but yourself, you have free will go ahead and exercise it.

  8. No. They are accountable, they are not delivering.

  9. Wrong the white paper and timeline spelling out projects and the phases is what was laid out to investors. Anything advanced of those phases is bonus not expected.

  10. Yeah, and 99% of us that would have been otherwise eligible are not now. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  11. Yeah it makes doing smaller buys for $150-$200 worthwhile when you’re only paying $10 in gas It used to be $100 plus for gas!!

  12. I’m always here and will be til the end and then some. Just keep growing my position especially at these levels!

  13. I use Yetis daily more as a thermos, but you’re right there is a metallic taste to them, and anything other than coffee will have a slight coffee taste to it. I use a ceramic mug as a daily driver and have for years but recently my wife bought me a Tervis coffee mug.

  14. Yeah, too many $50 holders and not enuff $5000 ones.

  15. If you can’t do the heat option which would be pretty cheap, rent an ozone machine for a weekend and let it run for the necessary duration based on size and then properly air out before taking up occupancy again for you and your pets. Ozone basically kills all living matter, germs, bacteria, viruses and is effective against bed bugs as well. It’s also great for removing old bad odor such as cigarette and/or musty smells.

  16. it seems difficult to beat your argument.... but I am sure...such unbeatable agrument and promises for reaping in future had been offered to people by thousands token devs these days....and we can not deny this fact that logical proof is must than just promises like a politcal leader....If you are not ready completely with your cool feature then first get ready and then dive into competition....there are many ways to safe guard your cool feature....

  17. I would assume the features of the wallet are known to the competition, and hopefully we are ahead enough in the process that ours comes to market first. If not, there is certainly room for more than one in the space. Diners Club was first to the market, but BankAmericard which became Visa dominated the space and now there’s obviously several credit card companies all flourishing. The devs have repeatedly talked about the legal aspects of forming the company RGI to help protect their company and ideas, and leaks happen. Sometimes it’s done maliciously and in others it’s done to produce hype and buzz.

  18. All valid reasons man! And here's something else ... all sorts of arguments will be offered to repute (in someway) the RoboInu mantra in reddit. The arguments will be different but the people making them will always be from the same camp - RoboInu was good enuff to attract their capital and ... for the most part - they will regert (yes! its spelt this way in my country!) not spending enuff in the coming times. There are safe bets and moonshots. RBIF is BOTH of these!

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