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  1. Nobody’s looking for your little bits of paper. Mix them with other paper.

  2. IKR. They should talk more about Pangea too. Who’s it gonna take to ask the hard obvious questions here?

  3. 30 is a hefty micro, and no dose is exempt from impacting your tolerance.

  4. interesting! so it's impractical to microdose on the regular?

  5. I think it’s snake oil but obviously plenty of people believe in it, so…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Probably fine, but will have to fuck around to find that out.

  7. Wish I had an answer but as a new subscriber, I’m curious if you found any solutions since this post?

  8. I dunno. Lol. For a longtime, I guess after enough brute force of editing and re-editing every tag I could mess with, it seemed like everything eventually stuck and stayed right where I put it for many weeks if not several months… but as I look at my library on the iPhone right now I’m noticing certain artist collections starting to fragment and get moved around again.

  9. Christ man, no, cocaine will not help you comedown off LSD. Lol.

  10. A categorized index of first-person experiences with LSD.

  11. Scissors, razor blade. If it’s not already perforated, measure about a 1/4” square.

  12. Psychedelic Potency Tests are Here (And They Work)

  13. Why does every single one of these drone videos that get posted daily have some chunk of time cut from the middle of it ?

  14. If I’m night-tripping at home I make sure I have a 12-pack of beer and a list of chores that need doing the next day.

  15. ... and 1600 kg of coke ended back up on the street.

  16. Use bottled water or boil your tap water for a few minutes and it’s good-to-go. Chlorine that is sometimes found in tap water is detrimental to the LSD but it’s easily dealt with. We used to drop it in Mountain Dew or orange soda or whatever to bring into Disney when you could still carry stuff like that into the theme parks.

  17. Btw, bottled water or boiled water will still have chlorine in it. Distilled is going to have the least chlorine.

  18. Go lookup the boiling point of Cl and get back to me. You could literally let a cup of tap water sit out at room temp and the Cl will all evaporate out in a matter of hours.

  19. I wouldn’t suggest that anybody ever part with their hard earned money for a Davinci vape product.

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