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  1. we are talking about it-- needed to change some rules and look at some old bans. I agree with you and Minimum. I appreciate you man.

  2. Yeah, the old mods were pure garbage, no doubt about it.

  3. Pigs are hogs... hogs are pigs... the statement goes, "Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered"

  4. Kind of like what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  5. I never paid attention to that statement but sure rings true.

  6. Don't take advice from people who get on YouTube in bird outfits then.....

  7. Don't judge the information by the delivery...

  8. oh yeah, i noped out of that video the first time it was posted, havent seen an update since

  9. Since Jan of last year. This is known. Is ShortSqueeze actually picking any bangers? People really making money here?

  10. Definitive dates will come out in the 424B/prospectus which hasn't been filed yet...waiting on FINRA, I think.

  11. Yep, you have a recent example that shows the potential in MMAT. Hit $1 then flew to $1.5. Monday will say a lot. If it has support and crazy volume again to break the short attacks it will fly

  12. Does COSM also have a sister stock going private?

  13. I don't know shit about VTNR but CTB doesnt mean shit either-- CTB just relates to demands, and the price changes PER platform. So when someone is like, LOOK AT THE COST TO BORROW... its like saying did you see how expensive a burger is at this one place?

  14. I am nearly convinced this is going to Reverse split and sweep your funds away. And i have traded it a ton the past 2 weeks.

  15. What are you basing your target prices on? It seems both outlandish and random.

  16. Target prices, what are you talking about, thats the price of the stock closing on that day.

  17. Easy there. You have 2 other columns under Target Estimate. One for MMAT and one for MMTLP.

  18. Oh i owe you a huge apology, i just noticed what you were talking about, so sorry!

  19. somewhere between the closing day and the nexbridge offering some fookery is about to be afoot. There is something boiling for it, always is.

  20. with news it explosion. Says about all I needed to hear to not buy again lol

  21. Is MMAT alive n well or am I too late for this one?

  22. The squeeze everyone is talking about hasn't happened. It's pumped already though

  23. Upvote this for views--- You can change your name on the website, for free. it says you have 0 name changes but it doesnt seem to count the automatically generated one. My name was in my asshole and It let me change it for free while the red text still said 0 able.

  24. I mean they have not and will not cover. They will pile on even more

  25. You said my guess was bad. My guess was they have not covered. My guess was they were scaring retail by shorting.

  26. You respond to someone asking why it went down by saying they have not started to cover. Giving the impression that when they will cover it will go up. Am I misunderstanding your comment?

  27. He asked why it dropped at the end of the day 2 days ago and i responded to that. A very specific event.

  28. One of the podcasts I heard on this put it that companies shouldnt promote as a reward, they should title and compensate as a reward.

  29. I kinda wanted to join the navy for something like this. Also do work with the nuclear power plant. Kinda glad I didn't tho.

  30. Nuke's arguably have the worst life in the Navy and they only make an initial starting bonus of like 100K over 4 years. Most of the nukes that I knew would get out and get a better job at a nuclear power plant right away.

  31. Man they have the worst shifts of watch ever. I know a ton who barely saw the sun. I even knew a bunch who would have 4 hours of sleep, a watch for 4-8 hours then 4 hours of sleep again. That was supposed to be 8 hours of sleep, even if it's split

  32. You too! I wish you many beverages and two food comas.

  33. The linear increase to $28.5 requires the short HF to have 6.5x the time to close positions as well. That's not the case here. They need to close those 5.5mm shorts in the same time frame as they previously closed 800k shorts. If 5.5mm shorts is even close to true this will go exponential.

  34. You're illustrating that with less shorts going on, and a faster timeline that it will be much heavier of a rollercoaster and probably a little more than exact numbers according to what we've already seen. If the 200% up is based on the current numbers, it will be more because this is the old current path without as many shorts.

  35. I’m laughing cause I know for a fact I single handedly am the reason NEGG is up there, but I wholeheartedly believe it has major squeeze potential

  36. Even if it was, why the fuck would you brag about it? Who brags for themselves. Just do good work man enjoy the ride.

  37. You know what, i was reading that and i think i even commented in it... like WHY the fuck wouldnt we want to blow up THEIR market. If they have a market where they can steal unlimited money and the one time they get caught we have to lose because otherwise it hurts the system, fuck that. Thats the mentality that people have had with Russia, Ukraine should surrender because its safer for nuclear war... What dumb logic.

  38. Exactly. None of those short hedgefux could give a flying fuck if they bankrupted a company you and I work for and put us out on the street.

  39. ngl, i thought by a quick glance you were calling me out for posting about MMAT in this sub, AS A SHILL. I started to panic.

  40. Just bought 5k shares at 47 hope to reach 1$

  41. Hopium doesnt move charts my son, i would take small profits before you see big losses.

  42. Cosm - how high can it go? Thinking about jumping in right for the first time, still good idea?

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