1. the only time my clinic ever did this was when there was a bottle shortage, but they were straight forward about the whole thing. So sorry you are going through this!

  2. I no joke had to look to see if I had found my own post from a while back. Literally lived the exact same situation. Don't have anything to add, but just wanted to say I'm so sorry you are going through that. It is the most annoying shit ever.

  3. I guest dosed at a sister clinic to mine, CTC, and they did not drug test me for the time I was there.

  4. I don't know if it's necessarily verbal, but when they are doing an interview and Patsy is talking, and when she is speaking her husband is sitting there mouthing along what she is saying as she says it, as in they planned the speech ahead of time.

  5. I mean you won't feel great, but it shouldn't be pure hell or anything. The restless legs were always the worst for me. I highly recommend hyland's leg cramp pills. I put a link below, the PM will be best if you just want it to go by fast. Wish you all the best <3

  6. Thanks for the responses. I talked to someone again at DirecTv and they assured me that the "Ultimate" package would allow him to watch Red's games. So, we'll see...

  7. I've also had 2 false positives for fentanyl, both were re-tested with a gcms and both came back in my favor. They are happening wayyy too much!

  8. A day of suffering? They are on a narcan drip!! Do you understand how much agony narcan is with 980mg methadone in your system....

  9. I wonder if after this long they should just switch to suboxone or subutex?

  10. How was the clinic notified that they were at fault? Was it because you were able to speak for yourself? I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I don't imagine you feel good. Will you be able to go back on methadone or at this point shoud you just switch to suboxone or subutex, half joking, but seriously asking.

  11. Imagine the issues you'd have if you were told you were "soft" and "heavy" on national tv. I'm going to miss watching the show, the body shaming bullshit I will not. Now no one's weight will become this week's storyline.

  12. This is happening A LOT!! I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know first hand how incredibly disheartening and stressful it is. This is happened to me twice, both times the re-test/gcms came back in my favor. Rest assured if you didn't use, it will come back like it should.

  13. My restest still came back positive for fentanyl even though I am clean. And I had 3 clean tests before that negative one that showed positive on every test. Your “rest assured” statement isn’t true

  14. it was sent off for a gcms and still came back positive? that is crazy. they tried telling a friend of mine that his false positive came back as still dirty, and when he asked to see the test results his counselor finally owned up to forgetting to send it off and lying about it. Is it possible something like that could have happened? Sorry you had to go through that. That is scary.

  15. my clinic for while was doing some people every single day, but I'm pretty sure the insurance got pissed, and told them they couldn't do that. For example, my bf got 5 in 8 days once. They claimed at that time their was nothing they could do about it.

  16. The silence of the crowd and the disinterested body language from Charlotte and crew under the tent whew 😥

  17. The whole thing is just so outdated, and just bad all the way around.

  18. Y’all didn’t hate on Caroline like this until her potential for point started gaining legitimacy dear lord

  19. I thought she was going to be great at point until I saw her at point lol

  20. I hate this! It's always some rude ass dude, or 1 of 5 girls there who haven't gained their sober weight yet, all pretty thinking they can cut. It's like bitch, that's MY boyfriend you are trying to cut, and I use to be pretty too, end of the line!

  21. I was known for handling anyone who pulled that shit even if it wasnt me they cut in front of Lol i even made a number system to hand out so no one could pull shit

  22. lol i love that you made a number system. I have bitched and bitched and said I was going to make a number system but never did. Good for you! lol Did you like tear off little pieces of paper with numbers or what? I'm intrigued.

  23. I'm pretty sure Acadia Healthcare is, and they have a CTC, comprehensive treatment center, division that are all clinics.

  24. There is an episode of King of the Hill that covers this. The solution is to send your kid over to their yard to harass them until they realize the error of their ways. Not sure what to do if you don't have a retaliatory kid. Maybe borrow one?

  25. "dusty old bones, full of green dust" LOL I love King of the Hill!! Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it.

  26. Thanks so much for all the responses! I really appreciate it! I think I'm just going to have to break down and get a fence.

  27. This doesn't answer my question tho. Being a 5th year doesn't mean you have to be point. Almost all girls put their heart in it. All these girls can dance otherwise they wouldn't even be able to make the team with nowadays standards.

  28. I feel like having the most seniority is what made Amy point though.

  29. I'm from Indiana, just curious what clinic said this? I can't think of one that doesn't. That is so weird. I think your doctor is misinformed. If it's Muncie, that doesn't surprise me. The doctor there, well, she is sweet, but bless her heart.

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