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  1. yup. you’re literally the first person i’ve seen that actually describes what it means when they say “when you get the message, hang up the phone”

  2. The void is a weird place and once is usually enough for most people. It took me a long time to want to dive back in after experiencing that kind of "sensation".

  3. Sensation of nothing or sensation of feeling everything?

  4. Most basic advice: Step 1) Trust your source, and know you’re getting 100% naturally grown psilocybin. Step 2) Setting, mindset, and company. Be somewhere you feel safe, relax to the best of your ability and let the trip come to you, don’t go looking for it, and only have people around you feel completely comfortable being vulnerable with.

  5. Pardon me it’s is ok if I combine this with a maoi?

  6. Probably not. Psilocybin is water soluble, not fat soluble.

  7. Bro it’s the food is poisoning us you don’t gotta die you just gotta change your diet eat more plant base with fruits the give you energy

  8. Yeah just be in an environment where you can place the dmt cone in an ashtray comfortably and not set your room on fire whilst lifting off lol I always recommend a dmt vape

  9. I have 2 dmt vapes that don’t work so I’m try changa

  10. Wait y’all asap market orders came I’m still waiting on mines how long did it take for y’all?!

  11. Boofing y’all just put the powder up y’all butt that’s it ?!

  12. So I had emulsion so I use heat to separate it and which turn the naphtha layer yellow so I siphon it out and put it In a glass tray after I evaporate 50% of it and which after I put it into my deep freezer crystal form on the side but not on the bottom of the tray

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