1. Glad you found one. I see these all the time at Target in my area.

  2. This had to be back in 2013. Bought a lot of Super Nintendo games which included Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire II, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Link to the Past, and a few other games and paid around $400. It was a lot at the time but buying some of those games now would be painful especially since I love SNES RPGs.

  3. I second Metal Storm. However, for my own collection I want to get my hands on X3 as well.

  4. I have been using CLZ games for years. One of the best products out there for keeping your collection cataloged.

  5. Just picked up a CIB copy for $10. Looking forward to trying it out.

  6. Mega Man 2, Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior IV, Castlevania, SMB 3, TMNT II, MTPO, Crystalis, Shadowgate, Marble Madness, Felix the Cat, and Ghost Lion.

  7. Picked up a SNS-101, controller, and two games for 79.99. Didn’t have OEM A/V cables or a power supply but I have spares in my collection. Been looking for one of these for a decent price for a while.

  8. Quality sucked but it was very cool at the time. Owned one when I was a kid but don’t have one now.

  9. Look for deals and pick up games at a reasonable pace. Some folks want an overnight collection but that will kill your wallet.

  10. Color a Dinosaur!! The game is a gripping dinosaur RPG with a compelling story and award winning gameplay. It is a choice piece in anyone's collection.

  11. The prequel to Epic Mickey. A gripping story about restoring color to a prehistoric world.

  12. Had to take a closer look and make sure you had the expansion pal covers. Looks awesome!

  13. Clean the pins of the cartridge with rubbing alcohol and a qtip.

  14. Thanks mate. I’ve done that and it never works. All my other games work fine.

  15. Have you tried brasso as well. Brasso is my worst case scenario solution when rubbing alcohol does not work. I guess after that, looking at the board for any issues (broken traces, pins, etc.)

  16. Grail dictionary definition: a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after. It doesn’t state that you cannot have a second grail after obtaining the first. If you find your grail out in the wild (e.g. Zelda Test Cart) then maybe you will pursue another item (e.g. Stadium Events).

  17. NES game #228. Bought this one on eBay for $549.99. The auction that closed out after my purchase went for over $1000 (slightly nicer box).

  18. I’m glad you are happy but I would have kept the kiosk. Hopefully this won’t be a huge regret someday.

  19. Reliability is good. You will find most prices at market value but some deals can be had if you are patient.

  20. Great pickup today. Also received 10% off the whole purchase ($67 for the lot).

  21. I have seen several NES games and other titles starting to go down in price. Market is going to be flooded due to recession and inflation fears.

  22. Went to a shop that had great deals on games. Paid $50 for the lot.

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