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  1. Well that’s not true. Every line of dialogue in The Big Lebowski is iconic, quotable, and memeable - the dialogue is amazing.

  2. Yep. The run from Pryor to now has been great. Stroud’s clearly talented but I just don’t think he “cares” about the Ohio State stuff. He’s a stat machine that wants to win the Heisman. Cool stuff, but Michigan is what matters.

  3. why do you say he cares too much about the heisman? It's not like he's calling the plays. And he's staying in the pocket a lot and throwing, but didn't like like there was really many dangerous plays while the game was close, except that attempted shovel pass that was tipped to INT.

  4. He never runs, he never goes the extra mile. Him (and the team in general) has this “we’re the Buckeyes and we’re entitled to win” attitude rather than “we busted our ass to get here and we expect to win.” Which emanates from the coaches and players in leadership roles.

  5. Bruh, absolutely no one thinks of abortion as “this great fun time.” It’s a traumatic decision no matter which way you go. To act as if the people getting abortions get some sort of pleasure out of it is pretty gross. Can’t tell if you’re a troll or just ignorant about abortion.

  6. David Lee Roth doesn’t sing Van Hagar songs. And Van Hagar is better than Skiba-era Blink. If any song, it would be “Bored to Death,” but I doubt even that because it was Blink’s “we don’t need Tom” single. I expect there will be zero Skiba songs.

  7. Or the real “alpha male” thing is to go to Hooters and eat wings/drink beer with the boys AND ALSO go have a vegan lunch with your wife.

  8. Honestly, I felt ABC did a better job on all of the above, but I was streaming from the web, not watching on TV.

  9. +1 for ABC’s election coverage. It’s solid and I enjoy Stephanopoulos, though this year it was Muir.

  10. And The Necromancer. That’s, like, the whole The Lord of the Rings story in a 10 minute song.

  11. I don’t think a monopoly on a market is that important to the B1G, only a foothold. They didn’t add Army and UConn to get a monopoly on the NYC market, nor Cincinnati to monopolize Ohio. That being said, I think it’s obvious USC wants a geographic partner and rival in the conference, and UCLA is a fairly prestigious public school with a stronger athletic reputation than either of the most recent inductees Rutgers or Maryland. But I personally think if they could have gotten USC regardless, the B1G would have chosen to get a foothold in another market (Oregon or Seattle) before they would have sought to monopolize LA.

  12. “Fairly prestigious.” It’s like the best public school in the country other than, like, Michigan. Plus, UCLA is a blue blood in basketball. Absolute no-brainer to get UCLA along with USC.

  13. Bold to assume they know what the vagina actually looks like. Sex is just a mundane power ritual for them and I doubt they’ve ever gone down to try and pleasure their partners.

  14. Oh no, a grown adult with a job & enough money to go to Vegas is going to the land of casinos, Elvis impersonators, & shotgun weddings.

  15. Live in Vegas. It’s mostly pretty chill. Yeah it has its bad areas, but that’s… every single place in the world. It’s just a city.

  16. What the fuck is “blueanon” you stupid, vacuous cunt? The day this “woman” leaves the public sphere will be a day celebrated for all time.

  17. Saruman: “The brain is the largest erogenous zone on the body.”

  18. Give me “Snake Charmer.” It was the biggest cocktease when they had “Snake Charmer” t-shirts but didn’t play the song in 2011 (and Neighborhoods had leaked at that point)

  19. Not a chance they play any songs from the Matt era. MAYBE Bored to Death but for some reason I don’t think Tom would be all that enthused about it.

  20. Tom playing “Bored to Death” is like watching Ace Frehley and Peter Criss play “Lick It Up” and “Heaven’s On Fire” during the 90s-00s Kiss reunion. Just bizarre and wrong.

  21. I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck so this fucking strumpet, this fucking whore…

  22. Every single line you say to HAS to be a Big Lebowski quote.

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