1. Saw Black Adam again this time with my dad and we loved it. Really hope the franchise continues. Gunn putting that Eclipso easter egg in Peacemaker gives me hope. The Rock totally sold me on the "shamefully obedient slave who cant live up to the nobility of his son" part of the character. Didnt expect to be praising his performance.

  2. Only cap 4 may have problem as it is preponed by 2 week but Other are postponed by a week or two so thats not too much of hassel

  3. Nope, Thunderbolts is going to early September, Blade to November, Deadpool to February etc

  4. Jeff Sneider said the same thing on his podcast like 2 weeks ago. He also said "i dont think theyve pinned Jenna Ortega down yet", so its sounds like Marvel wants her for the role, but its unclear whether shes accepted it.

  5. With a cameo of Dick Cheney played by Christian Bale. The hierarchy of war criminals in the MCU truly is about to change.

  6. Could not for the life of me understand why so many people on a scoop subreddit hate scoops

  7. The guy who wrote both articles (this one and the "Damage Control Has A Big Role In Armor Wars") just said they are related, so thats a hint Ultron is returning in AW.

  8. John Campea said last week he has heard a unconfirmed rumor that William is playing Quasar.

  9. Either him or Bryce Dallas Howard (she apparently followed Tom, Tom’s stunt double, and Jon Watts)

  10. Bryce has known Tom for awhile, her following Jon could be Star Wars related.

  11. His stunt double worked on Argylle, an upcoming movie led by Bryce. Please look stuff up.

  12. I don’t think it’s soon enough to get a movie out by 2024 as much as I want it, it’s almost 2023 how long did the movies film for ? So a like 6 month shoot , plus editing , plus reshoots. !

  13. If it starts shooting next summer it can make a Thanksgiving 2024 release

  14. Especially if it's not a huge-scale Star Wars film. Thanksgiving 2024 could be quite doable.

  15. I mean Cap 4 starts shooting in March 2023 for a May 2024 release and thats reported to have a huge budget

  16. The argument "Taika movie will be cancelled because Love and Thunder reception, Kathleen has done it before" doesnt work this time because Taika directed episodes for for The Mandalorian, including ones for Season 3. He is already trusted at Lucasfilm.

  17. How do we know he directed an episode for Season 3?


  19. Everyone's commenting but no one has read the interview. Because we can't.

  20. Its from a giant 10 page QnA with Cameron for Empire Magazine, here is the proof that it exists:

  21. So he's replying directly to the actress, and otherwise talking about visuals. Makes sense I guess.

  22. They have only Kravon trailer up their sleeves, and nobody wants that soooooo........

  23. People on here really think JC Chandor will make a bad movie :trollface:

  24. It sets him up as the looming street level villain. He could cameo in sm4, but I doubt they would beat him in the next appearance, and end him there. Fisk is probably done after this mayor arc is over, not many more places to go after 3 seasons of daredevil, Hawkeye, echo, 18 episodes of born again, freshman year, and Spider-Man. That’s waaaay more than any other villain and had, even if they don’t count netlfix daredevil

  25. Oh wow. Doesnt that neatly set him up as the SM4 villain, or have you heard thats not the case? Also they straight up making Fisk the raid boss for New York street heroes lmao.

  26. That Green Lantern show is obviously going to be in the DCU but a movie is still going to happen, they would’ve canceled it if they planned on having it in a different universe.

  27. I do not think the Jon Stewart show will happen tbh. Gunn openly mocked Titans on Twitter and I think hes smarter than introducing Jon Stewart through a low-budget Greg Berlanti show on HBO Max.

  28. He mocked Titans because it has horrible writing and is a bad show, not because it’s a show.

  29. Titans was a Berlanti show, so the horrible writing comes with the territory.

  30. I very much doubt the new leadership will ditch Dwayne/Black Adam. Gunn will think of a way to make him interesting and put him in the right project.

  31. This is a really stupid thing to say, Thor is a comics character. The director shouldnt care about reading the comics, let alone "Norse mythology".

  32. But...Thor is a joke. A mythological figure reduced to an empty vessel condemned to be sent on endless "classic Thor adventures" that exist to sell toys to children. Taika understood that.

  33. Who will even be the villain? They did the whole dream thing in this movie and then they addressed Mordo with a one-liner. Sure they can bring Mordo back since they didn’t kill him off, but why did they even have to mention him attacking Strange? It’s like if they revealed Peter’s identity off-screen.

  34. Mordo will def be the central villain of DS3, I even think Dormammu will be working with Strange and Clea against him. They gonna make him Imperator in some way, he will want to cleanse the multiverse of magic.

  35. The other camp believes Igers big move will be buying Netflix or maybe a videogame company

  36. if its coming from industry pros it might have some base in it, but its still just speculation

  37. “Interesting” is the word I use when I don’t really like something, but don’t want to admit it. This doesn’t seem like a good thing.

  38. Just see the video at the 28:50 timestamp, he clearly didnt mean it that way.

  39. Just like how Kathleen has been out for the past 5-8 years now right?

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