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  1. I have sent an email with my wallet address as requested, was never able to do the manual migration…. Waited waited just nothing, nothing at all. Still don’t have my v2 tokens. It’s not much but the principal of the thing will have me never giving up trying to get my tokens.

  2. did he show the hamster and say "i found dinner"? i kid i kid, how can you not like these guys??

  3. the best projects are on ethereum. It is the best chain. The only downside was the crazy tx costs...RBIF hit its ATH when tx costs were in the over $100 range. Same with Shib. same with every other project on Ethereum. The tx costs aren't the problem. You can buy on bitmart to avoid the fees if that is the issue. Now I am paying less than $10 per tx. It's just a non issue and we don't need to question the team on this point anymore.

  4. You are correct, Turkey already made one and it looks similar and it appears to work just fine.

  5. but.. "The drone system’s machine gun can fire NATO class 5.56x45mm rounds. It has a maximum ammunition load capacity of 200 rounds and can also support single and 15-round burst modes.

  6. At least somebody is having a good time. "I've got full auto, i'm gonna use full auto"

  7. its so wild to me that the military uses glass jars. I remember from a few months ago a russian mobile kitchen truck that was damaged/abandoned and the drawers and everything were just full of broken glass jars.

  8. I want my tokens! They are gone from original app right when there was a 1000 percentage bump. Coicidence?

  9. I am amazed at the accuracy of the artillery. I know not every shot hits home but the amount of hits directly on a piece of armor or a group on foot is just amazing. I don't know how they do it.

  10. Did you find anything? I have a small yellow Gorilla 50L in excellent condition (no marks, stains, rips, or obvious signs of use) that I can take verification pics….of if you’re still interested. I have both small and medium hip belts. Just let me know. Thanks!

  11. Didn't do much of a roll tbh lol, I didn't fomo in I had been planning on buying right from the start but was waiting to see if the gas prices would go down, everything is down your right it's a crypto blood bath right now lol but Robo is always down, big burns would most definitely help

  12. It’s actually been shown burns don’t do much for price. Now lots of constant burns over time will, but not a one time thing. Even if we burned 50% of the supply, what would happen? What has changed in the project by burning 50% that would make you or anyone else want to invest? You think the price will go up with a big burn because you want to sell and make profit. The market is garbage across the board. Sell pressure is too high for everyone. What you are asking is short sighted and not productive. If we have price increase because of a burn, it will be sold down quickly back to pre burn levels, because nothing has fundamentally changed with the project.

  13. So CRO is simultaneously emulating Saitama while also being ahead because they've been doing it longer..... sounds like you don't know what emulating means.

  14. No, no other token can show itself as a scam and just keep going. They also are always innovating new ways to fuck up.

  15. We can all thank Saitama for introducing new government laws and regulations for crypto. Still waiting on my airdrop, but probably really waiting to join the class action lawsuit about this “migration”. At least there is absolutely no doubt that Saitama does not care about small investors whatsoever.

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