1. Why are we the only country to be named in Turkish?

  2. You can also speak it in Macedonia, most people will understand you because the old folk know it because of Yugoslavia, The middle aged folk will understand you because of Yugoslavia and kids will understand you because of youtube.

  3. Are you saying the non-Serbs and non-Croats during the time of Yugioslavia had to learn Serbo-Croatian whether they like it or not because it was the official language of the country?

  4. Bosnia - Pakistan??? I am surprised how you didn’t say Bosnia -Ummayad Khalifat to this point.

  5. So which one is the good one? Yellow or green?

  6. Well they certainly aren't the only ones, there are also the Greeks, Turks and Romanians

  7. Sorry I always forget the Greeks, Turks, and Romanians

  8. I’d first browse new porn to see if there might be any new clip I like

  9. I remember reading Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America talking about your questions. Protestantism vs Catholic and climate (colder north vs hot south) are two factors I remember.

  10. My kid went to a pediatric orthodontist who has the website "

  11. Born and raised in West LA and I didn't know this was an LA thing, but I say "foo" all the time.

  12. So then a better question will be how did “fool” stick with the particular population in LA?

  13. Well, yes I’m all into conquer, not the world though, but my personal interest! Earlier this year at work, I had a chance to meet with some Farsi speaking clients at their home and handle documents written in Farsi, which were a brand new experience for me. Other than the interaction with my clients, what fascinated me was the stories from my two coworkers who grew up in Iran as an Armenian minority and who was an international student in the US at the time of the revolution and decided to stay here and various Persian arts and old paintings (especially the ones with a lot of calligraphy style Farsi script) I came across in the clients’ home. So I first started by reading the Persian history only, but when I learned about Ferdowsi and how the Farsi language has been preserved despite of the strong Arab and Islam influence since the 7th century, I came to decide to give it a try. Wish me a luck!

  14. Thank you again! My pleasure. You have a good night.

  15. Not exactly related to the question, but when I see the 5N Sacramento on the freeway signs, it just feels off because the sign on all the other freeways show the cities in the heading direction within only 20-150 miles, which seems the LA freeway norm.

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