1. They've been the birds for me twice and the third time it just never loaded so I'm not sure if they can be something else.

  2. All team rocket (grunts, leaders, boss) scale with your trainer level. If you can't beat him now and are using the proper counters, you may need to invest into your pokemon.

  3. If I don't trade with them, I remove them after a couple additional interactions to make sure we both got our exp.

  4. Doesn't matter as it ends with the same result. General recommendation is to evolve first in case you want to use it in a CP limited cup so you don't accidentally go over the limit when you evolve. You also may want to look at the Pokemon's second attack cost/walking distance for a candy as those are sometimes lower at earlier stages of evolution. For GBL some non-evolved forms are better due to their stats which you can see on the meta ladder at

  5. Ty! I don't see "Meta ladder" here - is it a subcategory under something else?

  6. The rankings show the meta ladder, meaning if you go to rankings, the default should be great League and you'll see Registeel at the top of the meta ladder. This means that Registeel does extremely well against most of the current meta. The meta is typically the most effective way to do something sometimes and sometimes the most popular way to do things. Registeel will likely do well against the popular pokemon in Great League and the popular pokemon are chosen because they're effective. However not everyone runs a meta team and you may be faced with pokemon that beat Registeel because people are running anti-meta teams.

  7. When the next frustration event comes around and they announce Giovanni has a new legendary

  8. 135k (GBL) + 120k (berries) + 84k (eggs) = ~340k (For berries, it's posible to feed almost 2 times the 6 mons during the starpiece).

  9. You get 30 dust per berry fed to a gym, 45 on a starpiece. You can feed 100 berries in a 30 minute window. Let's say you doubled that and did 200 berries, that's 9000 dust which is far from 120,000 in your estimate.

  10. Ah yeah that can be misleading but would be fun to get 90k from berries every 30 minutes lol

  11. It doesn't matter, power up before or after and you will have the same result after evolving. You may want to wait in case we get last year's CDs in the December Recap so you can get Earth Power.

  12. Yep, as listed as a bonus in your today tab, all season long you can get two battle passes per day.

  13. 50 coin limit per day so yes, you would only be getting 50 coins a day from your pokemon in gyms for 6 days. You want to put more into them to increase your odds of you get knocked out and getting your 50 coins.

  14. Yep! There should be a countdown at the top of your today page showing how long this season lasts

  15. You don't need to be a Verizon customer to access the research, the codes are just given to Verizon customers. Same with the Twitch/Prime Gaming rewards. Freebies are given during partnerships all the time, this isn't some new precedent.

  16. Are you looking at new eggs or old eggs? Eggs that are already in your bag will not change spawn pool. You have to get new eggs from after the season started in order to see the new spawn pool.

  17. If you start your set before the new season but don't do any battles, you'll be able to do 6 sets instead of 5 once the new season starts. If you do any sets before the season starts, it will count towards your daily set limit and you will not be able to do as many in the new season today

  18. Nope, it's currently Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Pidgeotto, Beedrill 🤦🏻‍♂️ and Steelix but it will change on August 1st. I'm guessing you already know it's the current mega.

  19. Are you still friends with them? Wonder if they popped the gift and then unfriended you

  20. So happy about two free raid passes a day! Can't wait to see how these new moves shake up the meta. I'm really glad Florges now has STAB fairy moves.

  21. It's double exp for all evolvutions, new or old. You won't be getting double exp for a new dex entry if that's what you're asking.

  22. Perfect mega in my opinion. There are better fire and dark type attackers out there. If it's currently your best fire/dark type attacker I would hold off until you get better ones since the mega energy isn't available right now anyway.

  23. Spinning gyms is the best. Outside of that, opening 20 gifts a day and spinning stops are your only other options.

  24. If you have an elite fast TM for Smack Down, I would say yes as it's a great IV for a rock type attacker tyranitar. If you don't, I would say just hold onto it for now if the smack down event comes back. I wouldn't invest until you know you'll be using it

  25. Gyms by me are all level 50 blissey's, wobafetts, slakings, and then some mix of alolamola, Gardevoir, or Snorlax. Pretty much anything to counter shadow machamp as that's what most people use to deal with blissey.

  26. If Blissey knocks out my machamp, I just use my lucario. Blissey is still knocked out in less than 20 seconds. I typically fight, back out, fight, back out, and then knock out the first Mon, so the matchup thing isn’t an issue. But, your method is useful as many players probably don’t know that they should knock out one Mon at a time and just use the recommended

  27. That's what I used to do but since the last update where gyms take forever to load, I find myself just doing it normally and risking alerting everyone.

  28. Please let florges get this. So disappointing to introduce florges without a fast fairy move. Granted it would immediately make it the number 1 fairy type in the game but still disappointed that some Pokemon don't even have STAB movesets off the bat.

  29. Is it purified? If it has return, it can be an annoying tank at level 50/51 in gl. If not, it is pretty useless since it can only learn mirror coat.

  30. Even without return it's still a hard wall against shadow machamps in gyms. Hate running into Wob

  31. Currently pretty useless, low stat total prevents it from being used as a poison type attacker and no stab prevents it from being used as a ground type attacker. Even at its best it's a worse Nidoqueen so it's not going to see much use in GBL. Even a CD wouldn't really set it out unless it was a 35 energy ground move and mud slap which would be nuts.

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