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  1. I believe there is already a product similar to this in Japan. It's a bed/bunker that immediately and automatically drops you into a reinforced compartment of an earthquake is detected. A bit worrying of an idea, but along the same lines.

  2. Those monsters. It's not a bunker. It's the ultimate self dutch-ovening machine!

  3. Decaying elements (if they mean fallout) will drop. But underground puts more material between you and the radiation. But it would contaminate air intakes, hence why you need to seal up any vents, etc.

  4. It's an interesting concept. Basically the legit idea of using a dehumidifier to get water, without the horrific breeding ground of bacteria. Worth examining further for sure

  5. It's different than dehumidifiers, as its low energy. Most dehumidifiers use refrigerants to create a dewpoint, then collect the dew. This system is capable of collecting in ambient temperatures. Thus enabling it to run on a fraction of the energy as most dehumidifiers.

  6. This. Has 80% the nutrients of brown rice, but the shelf life of white rice.

  7. Awesome! Thanks so much! I feel very much reassured now and can move onto the next preps!

  8. Primary methods: Reliable filters such as Doulton or Lifestraw. If necessary, add tablets/treatment options prior to filtering (or after.)

  9. Ah I see it now. So $30 off if I combine the getprepared code with their current sale for Contingency. Nice.

  10. Saw a different review on both YouTube and IG with codes that seem to work at checkout so I’ll use those. techprep10 is one of them. Thanks for including the info on all 3 companies.


  12. Why taste it, that won't tell you anything about it's purity. Put it under a microscope and see if there is anything running around in it. As for clear over translucent, I don't see what difference that makes? My upstairs rainwater pack is opaque Blue because it gets reflected sunlight on it. The ones I keep downstairs are translucent white but they are in a dark environment basically.

  13. Algae shouldn't be tolerated in a water supply. It can cause a slew of health issues.

  14. Oh my lord! There is a big difference between blue-green algal blooms in dams and lakes and a bit of green in your water filter. Those bodies of water are chock full of all manner of bacteria and animal waste, you can't use them as a comparison.

  15. Algae growing in your water containers can release toxins. That's proven and should be avoided at all costs.

  16. The tetracycline thing was almost fifty years ago, and needs to be revisited.

  17. I'm not disagreeing. It should be rotated at possible junctures, or just avoided. Ideally go for the alternatives, but if in a collapse, that changes. I'm simply stating there is evidence contrary to extremely old instances. You also bring up a very good point to know and be aware of what medications you're allergic to.

  18. I went with the Mira Safety ones (Specifically the 6M). Solid, and they use the widely-available 40mm filters.

  19. Take a deep breath and focus on the basics. For a lot of the discussion here, we've been at it for years or longer. We all started with a single duffel bag and some canned food thrown into it (literally or not.) Start with small goals. Be prepared for a single day without power. Then two days. Then three. And so on.

  20. I tried it. I hated the most on how selecting perks, it requires you to select a disadvantage.

  21. You can change most of those negatives either in the settings or with mods. I play with infection turned off, 4x skill multiplier, etc. Otherwise just too grindy. Some people like the dying and reset games. I don't, and so appreciate the customization.

  22. PZ is an amazing game. So many options and mods. I wonder if we could get an

  23. Yes, A nuclear winter. But the severity of such depends on a lot of factors.

  24. Thanks for clearing that up. I could I sworn I had read somewhere that by design they where. Paper towel and tinfoil it is!

  25. They're like canned food. Technically if the pack is sealed, they don't ever become 'bad'/ unsafe microbially. The contents would be 'safe'. However, age, and especially heat will deteriorate them to being utterly horrific even if technically the contents are ok.

  26. I heard that near the end of the month a bunch of people are planning on dressing in garb and ransacking all the candy people have been hording.

  27. Brutal honesty? I wouldn't touch that system with a ten foot pole while wearing a biohazard suit. There's so many issues with this idea, and I'm tempted to remove this post for spreading hazardous information.

  28. I can understand the "click-bait" nature of what I'm showing, but by no means am I trying to misinform anyone and trying to get them to do something where they would harm themselves!

  29. I'm simply stating that unless you have extremely specific knowledge, this should in no way be attempted on anything less than an industrial scope, scale, and with extremely high grade materials.

  30. Everyone should strive to have the skills to go solo if needs be. But a community is safer. To quote Boba Fett 'You can only get so far, without a tribe.'

  31. Ar500 steel body armor plates. It WAS the cheaper option years ago. But now? Don't do it. Not even NIJ certified, weigh a ton. Just go ceramic.

  32. You've tempted me to want that just for the gains. I read a fiction where kids training to be knights wore weighted vests all of the time to make them stronger.

  33. The vest can be totally separate- you can buy a plate carrier stand-alone, or as a combo with them.

  34. There's a book I have; post apocalyptic following 2 journalists interviewing people across the US, following a nuclear war. Said nuclear war was started because the West failed to understand their new anti-nuke satellite system forced Russia to attack first. I worry there's a similar mindset here we don't fully grasp.

  35. There's so much misinformation, psy-ops, and stuff that isn't public knowledge...who knows. Everything is on a filtered delay, in a way.

  36. Welcome! I suggest starting with the resource guide that's pinned on the forum.

  37. Thank you! this site is great and right what I was looking for

  38. right? i'm long past being concerned with catching the big bad "C" and far more concerned what other nasty shit these people are spewing up. never seen (or maybe never noticed?) how many people walk in to any given place and cough, spit, sniffle, etc. a lot. like a ton. sick or not, i don't want any part of it.

  39. Just a week ago, saw a guy sneezing over his shoulder in the supermarket.

  40. They have a few but they aren’t preparedness oriented, usually some type of post apocalyptic disaster or supernatural disaster film.

  41. I'd ask the manufacturer. I know for Lifestraw, they said their filters for the 'Home' Model was indefinite. =)

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