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  1. Wow. How generous of Apple to implement new features on it's older products!

  2. Now if only they could add BT5.3 support to earlier iPhones as well. 5.3 is technically only a firmware update over 5.0.

  3. Misread as "BTS support" and was having flashbacks to free U2 albums nobody wanted...

  4. In a situation where a single could win the game, you walk the guy who has the second highest batting average in the entire league.

  5. Jokes aside, with a choice between those two and the game on the line, it was a screwed-either-way situation. Mattingly could have flipped a coin and the result was always going to be bad. Maybe he did.

  6. She's not helping who she thinks she's helping, so just let her keep talking on the record for as long as possible, please.

  7. Yes! I hope she is so certain of the righteousness of the coup she admitted everything and gave evidence.

  8. "And because (as you say) the election was stolen, tell us about the steps did you take to try to fix the problem... for the good of the country and all..."

  9. Not to crap on this (great, welcome, overdue) upgrade, but what's the timeline you're looking at for 5Gbps or 10Gbps versions? An upgrade from 1.0 to 2.5 might not be enough to move current FWG owners.

  10. As long as you don't remove the ability to use any other one, there's no much harm here... would this mean there was a special extra Firewalla subscription fee? That could be a slippery slope, but again, as long as we're still free to use other ones instead, it's fine.

  11. Poor K, it seems to be permanent :-(

  12. I don't get how she can dismiss the mountain-climbing so certainly. That's a heck of a coincidence.

  13. Had some October tickets, but in the big picture who cares. Hopefully she's better soon; her career really seemed to be kicking into a higher gear lately.

  14. Complete bullshit , netgear , tplink and asus released wifi 6e in australia, google is going to release their wifi 6e in australia on 6 october

  15. Might not be Amazon's fault. Who knows when Netgear et al applied for certification?

  16. So in theory i have ATT fiber 2G. I just bought 3 6E ‘S and was/is disappointed that its 2.5 gig in and 1 gig out. So i could buy the gateway and go from ATT 2 gig to the eero gateway and from there to all my LANs in all rooms and plus one into the 6e 2.5 correct? This way im getting my full 2 G speed correct?

  17. Correct, in theory. Either this new product or any other firewall/router with 2.5 or 10G ports.

  18. Thank for that! So I’m trying to keep it basic…. Like most 😀. So with 2 gig from the ATT gateway then i would plug 🔌 to the new eero gateway 10gig port from eero gateway 2.5 to ethernet wired rooms and to the 2.5 gig port from the 6E. So really never use the 1G ports on 6E’s. Correct?

  19. That's my understanding so far, though if you have wired devices at the ends of any of those in-house runs, you might as well use the other 10Gbps port for your LAN as well, and split it as needed with more 10Gbps switches as needed, rather than use the slower 2.5Gbps ports.

  20. Looking more and more like an Apple product each rev. They should collide sometime in 2023.

  21. I don't want to be too suspicious but why is Reddit the only place that seems to be "reporting" on this?

  22. Use two AirTags. One easy to find and speaker active. Another well hidden and speaker deactivated. When the thief gets the notification that an AirTag is following them they find the easy to find one. Thinking they are good.

  23. Haha. They're that bad? I'm on a short contract living abroad and needed the cheapest mesh system I could buy (since they were just gonna be in Bridge mode). Next year I return to the US and will be swapping everything for unifi.

  24. No, updates are usually fine. The problem is that occasionally they're awful for some people, and sooner or later you're in that group that gets hammered by new bugs. If one could stop or schedule updates to avoid being on the bleeding edge, or even roll them back to fix surprises, that would be one thing, but Eero has this deep-seated policy of forcing updates when and how they wish, for their own reasons, and refusing to let users control pretty much anything.

  25. Holy smokes. I was so busy pontificating on all of this weird new hardware that I didn't even notice who it was who posted the story. That's what I get for never looking at user names.

  26. UniFi can be either auto-updated or manually. Your full choice. What I really hate about UniFi is their device firmwares. Running beta-stuff on everything feels like a joke.

  27. Yeah I contacted my ISP and asked if they did Ethernet runs/installs and they said they contract out to local companies. So you're probably right, they seemed like they knew what they were doing, but I have no clue how they ran the actual cords or installed the jack/s.

  28. I thought about suggesting that but didn't want to give you too much homework. If you can take off the plates and get a good pic that shows the 8 different-colored wires from the cable, and where they crimp into the jack's plate, that would do it, yes.

  29. Yes, do this. Lots of screw ups can happen here. But the thing is, the eero 6Es should just revert to wireless backhaul if the cables suck. That’s the whole point of the way they mesh.

  30. Ideally, but if this is something intermittent (like a loose connection or bad cable) it may seem connected when the Eero "decides" to use backhaul and only fail or be lossy/slow when used.

  31. Don't forget there are also clients, iOS, Android, web, all different world.

  32. The web client comes from the software version so that's not a worry.

  33. I understand where you stand and will probably join you. But I do want to bring up that this is not as simple as it sounds. It usually means tons of work in maintaining the compatibility between different versions. Which of course slows the company down.

  34. Jumping in to say as long as users are informed that "freezing" their Firewalla at a certain version with certain data will stop it from updating ever-changing threat lists until updated again, there shouldn't be much version compatibility to worry about. It's not like different Firewallas need to work together. If freezing a version locks you out of the cloud updates until you unfreeze, fine.... at least I think it's fine. Big blinking red warning, sure, but let us do it.

  35. what kind of speed difference did you see in bridge mode. Are you located in area which is congested with other neighbour's networks.

  36. I really don’t see any other Wi-Fi networks. Maybe a neighbor but it’s far enough I don’t worry about overlap. As far as speeds it didn’t really change much once put in bridge mode. I do have the Firewalla in router mode handling all the routing

  37. Ah, Firewalla. So you gained about 300 features missing from Eero alone, heh.

  38. FWIW, I didn't see much speed difference in bridge mode myself, maybe 10% improvement, and even that could have just been fluctuations in testing. What I gained was much more stability (all the nagging bugs vanished and there were no more mysterious brown-out periods) and of course, a great deal more control over my network and visibility into everything happening on it. And with a proper topology, even if Eero takes all the wifi down, my wired network keeps running, which is a big, big improvement in my book.

  39. I thought maybe you're wrong. So then I checked. Number of eero updates in...

  40. Wow, that's eighty updates. I bet three of them were actual security updates to deal with exploits that could ever have impacted users.

  41. I hope when it finally arrives it comes with an OFF switch for updates!

  42. Unless I'm thinking it through wrong, I believe that technically all they'd need to update for this is the app, to add such a control, not the actual Eero firmware.

  43. Teams bunt a third as often as they once did, and as you say, all 30 teams wouldn't be doing that if it didn't make sense. Still, it's fun when someone responds to the shift by bunting one down the third base line because there is nobody there.

  44. Yes I love that. What bugs me is that that was the solution to the exaggerated shifts (oh, a free single? Okay, thanks), but because of the slug-happy era, very few hitters bothered to do it.

  45. I don't mind some slowness, but I'd rather dial it up a little bit. The game has gotten like a half hour slower in the last few decades.

  46. I guess I just don't see how that really matters. If I have 2h30 available to watch a game, I also have 2h45 or even 3h.

  47. "DO NOT SELL AS SINGLE UNIT" is a lot of words to read when you're so rushed that you don't even have time to pee.

  48. Nope, I've received empty packages from Amazon before. It's maddening to report because they have an option for "I received an empty box" but the only options it gives you is you want to return the (nonexistent) product.

  49. Always use the live chat for Amazon support. Even if it is a simple thing, I always get better results when a human gets on the line. Like, they'll credit back immediately or tell you no need to return the bad item, while the automated system will go by-the-book (naturally), make you pack up a return, hold your refund for awhile, and just generally not give you any helpful or kind shortcuts.

  50. I bought some cat6 in bulk so i pretty much sized, cut and crimped the wire myself. Also bought a tester which showed everything is good. Maybe i bought a low quality cable ?

  51. Crimping by hand for 100Mbps is easy, but tolerances are tighter for 1G so a "fine" cable for one might not be so great for the other. You need to make really tidy crimps, which is why commercial patch cables are generally preferred now.

  52. So all that mass outrage before the thing even shipped might have done something... or maybe they were always just hedging their bets and would have done this anyway, down the line.

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