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  1. Don’t own a car. Pretty simple, the most environmentally does thing we can do is buy a car. Take mass transit, walk or bike if you care future

  2. It would be much easier to not own a car if infrastructure was more pedestrian centered rather than car centered because it’s pretty much necessary to have a car in order to work or make money these days. We need to drastically restructure our cities and zoning laws to be more people friendly and environment friendly.

  3. If you are worried about dealing damage without your legacy here’s some guns that do a lot of dmg with perks: Ultracite Gatling laser, Fixer, Handmade rifle, Gauss Rifle, Gatling gun, Flamers with ffr, and Plasma Casters. With the right perks you can still kill SBQ in like 2min.

  4. Wdym ain’t that a bot catcher or som

  5. This is really the answer. We are grossly over populated. Capitalism demands ever continued growth to fuel increasing demand to create more value for shareholders.

  6. I agree with your sentiment that the world is overpopulated but your conclusion is wrong. We don’t struggle because there are 8 billion of us. We struggle because there are a few who want to hoard the wealth of all of us combined and bottleneck it so they control where and when it is used.

  7. I'm anti working for someone or some entity that doesnt respect, pay, or treat me like a person. I am anti working for something that has no value in my life and brings me no meaning, which is almost all jobs in this world that exist currently. I am forced to work these jobs because I am too scared and dont want to be homeless or starve to death. Most of the people in my circle agree that our existence is just a means of wealth acquisition for the people who already have more money than us. We are just mechanisms for profit.

  8. Indeed, I got it used for cheap but it's a 10th gen i9, RTX2060, 32gb ram, 1TB SSD, top screen is 4k OLED, bottom is 4k LCD

  9. All they do is lie lmao 🤣 Give them the run around. Eventually they will stop talking to you. Unless they are super persistent.

  10. If you spawn as Facility Guard: either book it into heavy containment immediately and try to find a scientist keycard so you can unlock the lieutenant card from 096 room or wait a couple minutes in entrance zone for the scp’s to go to light containment.

  11. Ah yes, because people are being born and go to school and raised watching movies of superhero's and adventures ultimately to want to become amazon slaves! I love this world we live in!

  12. "dies of malnutrition", just say that the kid starved to death. People need to realize the consequences and possibilities when you have children

  13. Nailed it. I think another reason is that if they thought about it for long enough they may actually have to be introspective about their life and realize their own mundanity and meaninglessness.

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