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  1. Don’t everyone go Russian to conclusions here..

  2. it's tough for me - I am a shallow alcoholic who just enjoys drinking random glass sometimes now in the evenings, but my taste buds are neanderthal - I can never find all those taste notes, aftertastes and whatsoever that experts and occasional drinkers here describe. I can only tell, is it drinkable (neat) = good, or it tastes like crap. whenever I have asked for an advice here, my subtle question was: does it taste good, and i will not feel like crap the next day if I drink more than one glass? Must admit, I got a few excellent recommendations, and they all tasted ''good'' or even excellent to me. But notes? What notes?

  3. “Taste like a whiskey I would drink! Would pay money for again. 👍”

  4. Soooo what do you do with it? Ive had an opportunity on one but didn't have a plan after so i let it go

  5. All you are asking is is how much disposable income we have. That has no real bearing on the quality to cost ratio.

  6. Elon may very well be an alien. So. Keep holding.

  7. Savage; looks like shit, feels like shit, shoots great. Is cheap.

  8. We need a PSA campaign to explain what the hell qualifies as “price gouging” and what just being poor is.

  9. You’re not wrong but at the same time talking prices is important so people know what to expect and so people don’t over pay.

  10. Oh yeah. Sure. Analyze the hell out of markets and discuss.

  11. Well, they are pretty good. It’s not like the hype is baseless, merely exaggerated.

  12. Looks great! I’d be interested in a follow up after you e had a chance to hit the range.

  13. I believe that’s Babyshit Green. Product code CK69420.

  14. When my Form 1 was approved, I was drilling out my baffles 15 minutes later.

  15. You mean you started making them from raw materials in 15 mins right…

  16. It was in an ammo box. I've tested it on cool mornings a few months ago when I received the case of it and it still shot fast. 970fps on a cooler morning.

  17. Products of their time. Everything had to volley fire out to ridiculous distances. Interesting to see the world move from that to focusing on fielding rifles to fight mainly within 100m.

  18. You don’t need volley fire when you have drones and long range missiles

  19. Whatever is needed to have a silencer, wml, and an optic. Personally I would be trying to fit all those things on the more classic rifle.

  20. Personally, I would try the Makers first. But I would probably finish the 1920 first.

  21. I would absolutely reply and ask if they’ll send you a replacement and see what happens.

  22. I can’t stand it when companies put their logos on these a2 uppers. They seem to miss the whole point of why people want them in the first place.

  23. I routinely see stores in my area hoarding the good stuff at astronomical prices.. It just sits on the shelf gathering dust, they never run out of these bottle - do you think that’s market economy?

  24. If the store is open and presumably profitable, yes. That is exactly what that is. Even if it sells less frequently, we need to presume the owner of the business knows which path is most profitable for them.

  25. Presumable so but I would guess the bourbon crazy has not been going for that long, so it might turn out to be a bad business decision on their part. I have. O sympathy for price gouging.

  26. It’s literally not price gouging. It’s just free market economics. By function it doesn’t work for everyone.

  27. 2-8oz, ~7 days a week, over a period of 4-8 hrs a day.

  28. I don’t necessarily mean to collect, it’s just a side effect of the way the market and availability works. If a magic store opened up down the road where I could get everything I wanted at MSRP I wouldn’t need to hoard anything, but unfortunately now if I want to try something I need to grab it whenever I can.

  29. If you are drinking them, it’s not a collection, It’s an inventory.

  30. It’s a shame to see people get priced out of their hobby.

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