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  1. every time I see posts like these I become acutely aware that my joints are starting to twinge. I really need to start living healthy.

  2. pull the bandage free in one go. Sabihin mo sakanila tas umiyak ka. kung kailangan mo sumigaw, sumigaw ka. Pero wag mo itago sa kanila. Kung mahal ka nila, susuportahan ka nyan. At mas makakabuti kung may suporta ka na bubuhat sayo ngayon kaysa malunod ka sa depression at sa guilt. Wag kang mag isa. Mas malulunkot ka lang. Baka hindi ngayon, or bukas...pero darating din ang araw na matatangap mo na hindi ka nakapasa sa first try. Hinga ka lang ng malalim tapos sabak ka ulit. Kaya mo yan!!!

  3. tsagain mo saglit. di naiiwasan na talagang may mga bitchesa sa work place. wag kang jump ship kagad dahil lang jan. Get to know them better. malay mo may pinagdadaanan ang bruha. or baka mapromote ka. edi bonga. You cannot control the people around you. You can only control how you react to them.

  4. true. pero in fairness nalala ko nuon masayang tumagay kasama nina sir. Lahat ng chismis sagap mo. Kaso ang lalakas uminom.

  5. Malazan is higher up because it's like being isekai'd into another world and getting punched in the face with culture shock because absolutely no one takes the time to explain shit. Or even introduce themselves proper. You just hang on and pick up on things along the way. A freaking throw away comment that goes over your head in an earlier book is a freaking huge spoiler in a latter book. And dark stuff happen. yeah, that too.

  6. Seems like a question to be asked while smoking at 2am in the morning....

  7. OB Dalinar: Hold my storming knife. Hold my shshsh~ing wife. I'll hold a storming book

  8. Didn't know about it when the 3rd dropped on my lap when I was 12. Loved it to bits. Started from the beginning and read everything after. Didn't care and still don't care how she made her world. Because it is her world. If she wanted it fucked up as it was with the house elves and how unsafe the school actually is then by fuck it is her right as an author to make it. She is the god of her own creation. It wasn't heaven on earth. It's magic. Illogical magic. You enjoy it or not. Don't fucking force yourself to read a 7book series just cross it off a list. Stop when you're not enjoying it.

  9. Not the best quality picture? It already looks amazing!! You probably drew a creationspren while making this!

  10. mash up of the first part of FMA03 for Elric shenanigans before main plot of FMAB kicks off and goes turbo. Plus a little bit more comedy bits.

  11. bruh's pretty boi face looks like he gonna join a kpop group. He looks so good!!! I can totally see

  12. nope. got frustrated with Shallan on the first read but Jasnah and jamboi made up for it.

  13. airsick lowlander! thinking wine is only made of grapes. Next time you'd ask if chickens only look like 🐔

  14. If I like the series enough, I just turn the book over and open back to page one.

  15. I was blown away in Dawnshard when we got to see how smart he actually is. Love the way he's been written to show how when people have trouble speaking in your language they can be seen as unintelligent even though they could be a genius. Great representation for this particular immigrant struggle!

  16. I don't think it's just the fact that ain't got a lot of Alethi. His translator is a boob who'd probably translate all his university level knowledge to grade school equivalent peppered with one armed Herdazian jokes.

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