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  1. Mine would be Reaper, then Bloodline and then Ghostwater.

  2. I've been wondering. Did Oz carve out his doors in the labyrinth? Or did it happen automatically when he became the Reaper?

  3. I think he would have to carve it himself(for the doors leading to him Soulsmith things).

  4. Your English is better than a lot of people I know.

  5. Or the Weeping Dragon might, doing him like it did Tiberian

  6. I thought heralds just got around by going very fast. You know, setting off sonic booms and such.

  7. I think there was one where Xorrus dissolved into sand and reformed

  8. Also that blackflame herald in Lindons vision of Northstriders past directly turned into blackflame madra to move

  9. Idk what that is, but all I see is Weedzaru and what I think is dal rice

  10. Well, it's an interesting thing to think about. I personally think that pure aura exists, but it's very unstable and transforms into a different type of aura very, very quickly, so if Lindon did use The Way to generate pure aura, it wouldn't last long enough for him to make into a ruler technique

  11. can't get the spoiler thing to work, I figure all the spoilers are at dreadgod level and the rest is theory on my part, should be safe enough?

  12. If he gets one ruler technique on his pure path, then I will be concerned for Reigan Shen

  13. Era 3 is supposed to have a Mistborn. A Mistborn serial killer…

  14. Wayne dies protecting Elendel whilst wearing God's hat, obtained by fucking him, then goes to Roshar, but before all of this he gives all the female accountants sunglasses

  15. After Wayne dies protecting Elendel whilst wearing god's hat, obtained by fucking him, he goes to Roshar and does something with Maya

  16. So that means, he didn't die, he just teleported into Shadesmar to find MeLaan and some extraterrestrial hats

  17. I changed the flair to HoA because of the earring mention

  18. how did you calculate for all of the metallic alloys?

  19. Hey, there is always that one dude in every family

  20. Eithan going from Archlord to the fucking Reaper

  21. Reigan Shens face then would have been priceless

  22. wont Jai Long and Jai Chen be important parts later on in the series? How would Jai Chen get her "special madra" and bits of Eithan's detection web if they both don't go with Lindon?

  23. She won't. She'll get to choose her own aspects, and will lack the detection web.

  24. so they go to the Sacred Valley only to help smooth out Lindon's shifting of the Wei clan?

  25. I just think that a perfected dreadbeast or a Dreadgod is the result of a repeated Herald transformation that went correctly many times

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