1. Shouldn’t you be using the Buff Soldier rather than the blue Heavy, given he’s usually the one cutting off the horny?

  2. Play during the day exclusively and gradually extend your play sessions into the later hours.

  3. Look, I’ve been on the internet since I was in the single digits and I have seen a lotta shit, but people on TikTok doing whatever the fuck this is will be something I’ll never be able to wrap my head around, especially since most of these things are from people are from my generation.

  4. “CSB 248: The next episode’s title character is literally just gonna be the N-Word with a hard R, let’s see if we get banned”

  5. Young entrepreneur turning discarded litter into a cash flow, cleaning streets and lining his wallet by tapping into new markets. The Centrist Ideal

  6. That main character design is so ugly looking to me. i dislike heterochromia so much.

  7. Which makes it more frustrating that the only remnant of this honestly really cool meta-narrative stuff in BD2 is when

  8. Hassan uses other “acceptable” slurs, so he can still get his ass booted.

  9. DIO “You ain’t getting to the top of THESE stairs” Brando.

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