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  1. where can i listen 58 Blunts of Purrp Vol. 2: 2009-2019??

  2. Me too. She’s the only reason why I still even believe in transgenderism. Ur pretty btw

  3. As someone who identifies as a transwoman, the left’s take on transgenderism is delusional and unscientific. They get mad when you don’t “understand the difference between sex and gender,” but they’re the ones who completely ignore biological sex altogether.

  4. This isnt SGP this is that new sigilkore shit (its basically hyperpop but if hyperpop was from memphis in the 90s). Axxturel is the most popular artist from that genre, so I recommend searching through his shit.

  5. I know that, but it’s BMB related which is technically SGP, so there’s a chance someone here might know

  6. I couldn’t find it when searching it. I checked, spotify, YT and soundcloud. Could you send a link?

  7. Most of his 2010-2012 is overrated imo + the og versions of the mysterious phonk songs are way better than the remasters

  8. I love all eras of Purrp. Don't think a single era of his is overrated. Plus you got BMW and NASA Gang decently high from those eras.

  9. MGK’s such a poser. Throughout like 2012-2019 he acted like he was some hood rapper, and now he wants to be punk so bad

  10. carti music is definitely an acquired taste but he not rlly ass. yeah he switched up on mad people especially uno but man created a whole new wave that’s completely changed the current underground sound

  11. All he influenced are those trash ass rage beat type mfs like Summrs, destroy lonely etc.

  12. It sounds like you’re a teenager talking to other teenagers. I don’t know adults that behave this way. I’ve never heard another 40+ year old person say they hate cis people. Though I have said “fucking boomers” from time to time when appropriate.

  13. The people I’ve seen doing this are usually in their late teens to early 20s

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