1. Anything involving the Department of Surrealistic s, like SCP-4923 or SCP-5145. The whole department deals with anomalies that cannot be comprehended rationally by the human brain.

  2. The first version of SCP-682 was featured in the article titled SCP-682. You can check page history to find the first version of it on wikidot, though maybe there was an earlier version on another site before he wikidot was made, I dunno

  3. I really want to see a SCP-5000 Why? Card! Someone mention me if it's done!

  4. I love SCP 001, The Gate Guardian. And my wife loves SCP 999, The Tickle Monster.

  5. There's probably better wording on cards I'm unfamiliar with. But using [[Mimic Vat]] and [[Grafted Wargear]] as a base, here's my thought.

  6. I'm pretty sure you guys tricked the foundation into cleaning up that mess about the bell that summons giant crab monsters. Kinda ditched the anomaly when you didn't want it anymore. (SCP 1527)

  7. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and eats dogs whole like a duck... well you got SCP 2250 but my point still stands!

  8. The saddle is SCP-3886 and SCP-369 is the closest I could find for the road construction one.

  9. i think scp 3199 just go watch the rubber

  10. SCP-2747 is basically an anomalous narrative element which, if included within a piece of media/work of fiction, causes said work of fiction to cease existing. It's a whole lot more complex than that so you'd have to read the article but it's got a sortof-twist at the end.

  11. You can make a show, but its under creative commons. Meaning that anyone can take a recording of it and distribute it for free as long as the author is acknowledged.

  12. Imagine a world where SCP-173 and the Weeping Angels were switched..

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