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  1. I really liked it when he took a whip to people making a profit off of people's faith.

  2. Oh no he braided a cord into a whip. Which means he saw shit he didnt like. Walked off and got the stuff he needed. Then sat muttering to himself while making the whip he then used.

  3. That’s the most shocking part of the article: ALEX HAS A PERSONAL TRAINER???

  4. Oh please god let it be the same one MTG has. They seem to be close enough that they might recommend a trainer to each other.

  5. They’re hoping to destroy enough so that it won’t matter.

  6. They've set themselves up so that if they lose power. With the districts so badly gerrymandered they'll never get it back. They moved WAY too quickly with these crazy total abortion bans. There have been so many stories of women impacted in so many ways. Some that cant get prescriptions that have nothing to do with being pregnant. Just because that drug COULD be used to induce an abortion.

  7. STOP SENDING PEOPLE TO REPORT ON FUCKING HURRICANES! Wow theres a lot of rain going sideways and the palm trees are falling over. Just fucking call national weather service. Im sure they got thousands of hours of that exact same shit on b roll somewhere.

  8. The smart play for Putin if he does nuke Ukraine. Would be to immediately state that no other countries will be attacked unless they attack Russia. If he does that what do NATO countries do? Yeah we shouldn't just let Putin use nukes, we should retaliate. But when doing so means theres now a giant hole where Manhattan just was. It makes acting on all the things we say a little more difficult. I assume Putin has SOME info about our nuclear defense systems. Trump didnt steal them just for the fuck of it.

  9. Theres something called the 'rubber band effect'. You can stretch a rubber band to a point and itll wanna bounce back. Stretch it too much it snaps. Being only 5 hours away youre in the zone where you can still go home on the weekends. Itll just be a crappy drive. If you were farther away those every day things wouldn't be pulling you home. Cause getting home for the weekend isn't something you can just decide to do.

  10. Which trade are you looking at? If you do electrical(IBEW) or pipefitters or construction you can really set yourself up well. I can only give robust info on IBEW but the local in PHX has free healthcare, good pay, paid training, pension. Bunch of other perks. Its rough getting started, the pay isn't great, which I wish they would fix. But once you get some time in pay goes up quick.

  11. AZ lets you bypass background checks for gun purchases if you've got a CCW. Wonder if that same mechanism would apply to ammo background checks.

  12. He looks to me like an evil Tommy Chong.

  13. And this sober Tommy Chong is why weed should be legal. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  14. If this was any other reddit thread I would agree. But I'm 50/50 on a lot of them being real. 75/25 on the "show me on the doll where Alex defamed you".

  15. How about the punisher sticker with the thin blue line as one of the teeth and a trump wig

  16. While being videotaped standing flat footed in a video captioned "sounds of screaming children removed".

  17. Because the police were hurting the WRONG people in that scenario.

  18. You gotta get a boat load of gelatin and hope to get the mix right based on the amount of human soup your trying to reharden. Maybe some news paper to paper mache what's left of the bones back together.

  19. Either you are for or against sustainability. Seems many politicians forget whom they serve and who elects them.

  20. No they know exactly who elects them. Which is why they have had the same positions for about 50 years when it comes to climate change. We're fucked, time to stop thinking government well more fast enough to save us. They know whats coming but why save everyone? The extra million or 2 you make before everything collapses might get you a couple years extra food in your fallout silo.

  21. The problem with Fukushima was there was a wave and then it receded. The plan here is to just let rising water lines cover them completely. Problem solved, problem staying solved.

  22. What is up with a majority of them looking like divorced dads wearing caps. I swear 90% of the time they are wearing a cap and middle aged.

  23. As a middle aged white dude who looks totally ridiculous without a goatee. I have given up wearing a ball cap. You can't do all 3 it gives off the wrong vibe.

  24. Its only a sailor Jerry night if someone ends up with a tattoo they don't remember getting.

  25. Alex's lawyers are getting their accidental forwards of incriminating evidence and Alex's crow-eating fork ready.

  26. I wasn't talking about beliefs, just stats like crime rate access to clean water working power grid etc. Measurements that exist, not just my feels. I've seen the comparisons too many times to count.

  27. Because of creep. The "crappy but not as crappy as the other idea" becomes normal. Then something happens like an economic downturn or a terrorist attack. And we need to move quickly and make decisions that will hurt later. Like relief bills that we know full well will cause inflation to go way up. Cause thats how economics work. So we're in another situation where you've got really crappy choice and kinda crappy choice. But if you go back 30 years youd see the kinda crappy choice youre ok with making. Is actually the really crappy choice you never would agree to in a million years. But its not nearly as large of a departure from normal that it would have been 30 years ago. So you go along with it.

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