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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if the mental health issues could be funded by the NRA/gun manufacturers to help not only with gun violence but maybe as a “side effect” help transition people off the streets and into homes/jobs?

  2. I’m not clear on how gun rights organizations & the proliferation of guns correlates with homelessness, drug addiction & mental illness. Could you please explain so I have a better understanding of your position. Thank you 🙏

  3. I know it’s a stretch as part of this response was a knee jerk reaction given the most recent (now three shootings back) in Col Springs. Which has nothing much to do with local safety issues (per se) in the neighborhoods surrounding the Sullivan arena/Anch Homeless shelter…

  4. Yes, a better mental health & then treatment fallowing recommendations after diagnosis. It’s the fallow through that is the hardest not just in anchorage but nation wide

  5. Everyone in the Star Wars Galaxy knew about midichlorians. It actually cause major problems with some planet, races, tribes because it made the Jedi look like kidnappers that would come for your child if they deemed to be special. Also anyone that was that high up in politics would likely know about these things & know what to say to someone that is young & easily influenced. Maybe Anakin was just chalking it up to lip service until he bought into it.

  6. What media are you referring to? I'm asking because I'm not familiar with it.

  7. The books & I think it was topic of 1 or more episodes of the Clone Wars series

  8. How is Andre the Giant from Princess Bride not up there? Classic movie with the biggest man to ever wrestle.

  9. Yes, most of them. The only ones that work decent are meth amphetamines & Gorilla jizz. The rest just ruin the whole vibe.

  10. I own a gun because I am a small female who, at any point, could be threatened or worse. Im not fucking around with my life, nor am I going to let someone fuck around with it either. My goal is to slow the threat down enough to get away, not kill someone, but If it was my life vs theirs, im gonna do it

  11. This is why every woman should carry a gun & be trained to use it.

  12. I’d rather be in American prison than anywhere near Somalia honestly. Wouldn’t even risk being in the waters nearby. At least prisoners aren’t always in danger, just like 10% of the time

  13. Lol, I hope you stay in good standing with the SEC or you’re gonna find out how untrue that statement really is & you’ll find out what a “ no hands policy” is in federal prison.

  14. You have to take that AI rectally or you don’t get proper saturation.

  15. Try again, same thing just use the hole in the back

  16. Does the vacuum hose connect to the PCV?

  17. I believe it hooks to a hose on the intake manifold on some models & a line on the carburetor on others.

  18. It is on a 93 so probably not a carburetor on the truck. normally they have a nipple on the manifold it connects to.

  19. Singapore bruh, that’s where all the Gorilla/money fights are. I’ve heard they’re tough & they make you use knives. Don’t be a bitch & make sure you take pics

  20. Came here to say that. That store has been around forever & won’t tell you a super low price just to try & buy them off you. Also they will tell you if a card is worth sending in to get graded or not.

  21. How about Fuck you for even asking a question like that 🖕

  22. I had the same problem trying to swallow creatine tablets as they were quite large so I ended up just inserting them into my anal passage 30 minutes before a workout. Pump was insane! I take all my pills this way now.

  23. Almost a level 1 Crackhead vehicle. My dad and I came up with a fun scoring system.

  24. Lol, dicked bumpers! Idk what that means but definitely something a crackhead would do.

  25. Love these books. Read them pre- Disney buy out, as a matter of fact I read most of the Star Wars novels pre-Disney. My personal Favorite are any novels involving the Lost Tribe of the Sith. So sad that it will probably never be done right if it’s done at all.

  26. How in the hell do you get water in your test vial. How high of functioning are you on the spectrum bruh

  27. If you’re worried about a misdemeanor then you’re gonna need a lot of HCG to grow your balls back. Quit being a pussy you know the risks when you started down this road, so man up handle your shit. Cop a deal & don’t get caught next time.

  28. That’s so strange! Gives me some piece of mind, though, thank you so much.

  29. Valve stem cap for tires & plastic body plugs used to drain water from different areas if the vehicle is flooded

  30. That pump is why service trucks cranes on them.

  31. Might not be the head gasket. I watch some kid I. The shop route the belt wrong on the water once and it did this, but it’s probably your head gasket. Oh BTW that’s impressive

  32. The city also had grant funding for an at-risk youth shelter but refused to allow the shelter to placed or ran anywhere in the city. This is just the game they play & once the funding is unused or expired we never see it again because “we tried that in the past & it didn’t work” or “ we had that at one time but nobody wanted or used the resources.” Politicians playing political games & not caring about the communities they are supposed to serve. I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote everyone that pulls this shit out.

  33. Thank you for mentioning this. Nadine Woodward wouldn't allow the shelter to be built in city limits because the Realtors association literally funded her whole campaign and homeless shelters are bad for home values. Literally free money for a shelter and she wouldn't do it.

  34. That whole situation was BS. Act like you give a shit then set everything up for failure & then blame that on the community.

  35. I’d be so proud if my kid was this based. Make sure you love them like there’s no tomorrow. You have raised an Alpha badass great job good sir!

  36. Can confirm, Chubby Chuckles was in the Northway Mall. That's about all I have.

  37. Yeah Chubby Chuckles was a thing. Used to have a plastic cup when I was a kid. If I remember right is was a shaggy dog mascot not a giant rat.

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